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3/5/24:  A little update on me.  Went to the vet for my neuter and an x-ray of my hips.  However, when getting ready for my surgery they found a staph infection on my belly.  Now I have to wait until it clears to be neutered.  Also going to a specialist to see if I might have autoimmune disease.  Keep me in your prayers.

2/4/24:  I am a 1 year old collie fellow at 60 pounds.  I was advertised on the internet and they let me come to the rescue.  When I was born my nostrils were partially closed so at 11 weeks I had surgery to open them.  It may be that I will now need reconstructive surgery and I am seeing a specialist for that.  So if my nose looks a bit odd that is why.  When I arrived my coat was really matted and some of it had to be shaved.  I am a sweet, loving fellow and having no problem with the housetraining.  I am also crate trained and learning basic commands and leash walking.  I am great with the other dogs and ok with the cats but I do like to chase them.  Please check back to see how I am doing and what is next for my medical needs.

Thank you Vincent Binek, Thomas McFall, Valerie Rothbauer, Joel Kane and Lizabeth Meyer for helping with my medical needs.


Inspire (Adopted)


4/1/24:  How fitting that this prankster be adopted on April Fools Day.  When Ms. Tina came I showed her how I can do basic commands and some my antics.  The rescue folks were a little perturbed when I gave her kisses and let her hug me when I never let them.  This made it pretty clear she was the one for me when I gave her my trust.  Since arriving home I had a bath and we go on walks.  I did show her my ornery side and she says we will be working on that.  I am so proud to have found the perfect home for me.

3/5/24:  I am a character with a lot of enthusiasm and will make you laugh.  I get so excited when people come and have a hard time keeping my feet on the floor.  Doing great with the leash walking although I sometimes hop down the road.  No problem with the housetraining and mastered my basic commands.  I am learning about getting hugs and belly rubs since I haven’t had that kind of attention.  Just click on the link to see a video of me being a good boy.




12/17/23:  I was on Craigslist for free so a CRC volunteer picked me up, gave me a much needed bath and brought me to the rescue.  I am a 2 year old, skinny fellow at about 50 pounds and need to gain about 5 pounds.  That will not be a problem as there is plenty of food here and treats also.  I have done great with the housetraining and crate training.  I get along with the other dogs and pay no attention to the cats.  I am learning basic commands and not to jump up on people.


Bonnie (Pending: Permanent Foster Home)


3/21/24:  Hello folks, I am a senior lady at about 9 years old and 55 pounds.  My folks were moving out of state and could not take me.  I am housetrained, enjoy going for walks and get along with everyone even the cats.  I am on antibiotics for a UTI and will be having my teeth cleaned soon.  I am a quiet kind of girl looking for a permanent foster home.  This is where the rescue will pay for my approved medical cost and all you have to do is love me.

Thank you Barbara Minakakis for helping with my medical cost.





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