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10/17/21:  Hi folks, I am a 3 year old smooth collie fellow at 80 pounds.  I get along fine with the other dogs and don’t mind the cat.  I am very good on the leash and learning basic commands.  I will be neutered next week and we are working on my housetraining.



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10/17/21:  Hi, I’m a 10 month that gets along great with the other dogs and don’t mind the cats.  I am crate trained and we are working on that housetraining thing.  Tomorrow I am headed to the vet for my neuter which will help with the house manners.  I’m pretty good on the leash and learning basic commands.

Thank you Laura Kelly for helping with my medical needs.



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10/24/21:  I’m growing up and starting to get my big boy teeth.  My foster parent is going to save my baby tooth for my new family.  I have learned to walk well on the leash and trying not to jump up.

























9/28/21:  I’m a little 4 month old smooth collie fellow.  I am doing great with the housetraining and walking on the leash.  I have an outgoing personality and great with the other dogs and people.  When I had my first set of vaccinations I had an allergic reaction with my face swelling and they the fur fell out.  I have since had my 2nd and 3rd set of vaccinations with no problems and hoping my face will clear up.  I have an appointment with the allergy specialist to get a diagnosis.  Please check back to see how I am doing.

Thank you Sara Crayton, Judith A Pheanis, Susan Veld, Judith A Pheanis, Catherine Peacock and Susan Veld for donating to help with my medical needs.


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