Lassie (Available)



2/28/21:  I am a six year old collie girl that is a little overweight at 80 pounds.  It will be a while before I can go to my new home because I have a lot of medical problems that can hopefully be corrected.  I have a pin in my leg where at some time I was hit by a car.  It hasn’t healed right and my leg kicks out to the side.  Putting so much weight on my other legs has caused my hips to be out of whack.  I will be going to an orthopedic surgeon to see if anything can be done to fix my leg.  I also have ear infections and there is some kind of growth in my ears that need to be removed.  Then I will need to be spay and have my teeth cleaned.  In spite of all this I live up to the Lassie name and the sweetest girl you will ever meet.  I am housetrained, like the other dogs and even the cats.  I love my crate where I can go in and take a nap.  I’m not much on being outside and just do my business and right back in.  Folks please keep me in your prayers and if you can help with my medical needs that would be greatly appreciated.


Canton (Available)



2/28/21:  I am a 9 month old, 70 pound, good looking collie fellow.  My owner unexpectedly passed away so I came to the collie rescue.  I have been well taken care of and was loved very much.  I’m a little confused right now but sure do enjoy having the company of the other dogs.  The rescue folks are getting to know me and will update as they know more.


Schweppes (Adopted)



2/26/21:  Caroline came to take me home today and I’m the last of the 7UP Gang to leave.  Here I am with my new pack and I’m adding some color to the group.  I was so excited when I saw they were collies just like me.  Caroline has adopted many times and I know I am in great hands with her.  Thanks everyone who helped me to find her




2/15/21:  Would you just look at me now?  I have been to the vet for my bath and neuter.  This week I have learned to play with toys and get on the bed.  We are working on the leash walking and not to jump up.  Doing good with the housetraining however I am still very much a puppy and have things to learn.

1/23/21:  One year old tri, male collie.  Medical work and evaluation is in progress.

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