Glimmer (Adopted)

8/20/20:  Finally after being spay and having a benign mammary tumor removed I am headed to my new home with Kriss.  She is going to take me to school where I will learn the basic manners.  Kriss likes a girl with personality so we are going to do just fine together.












8/2/20:  I’m a 2 year old collie girl that just arrived today.  My evaluation is in progress but we do know I need to gain some weight.  Please check back to see my progress.

Thank you Lizabeth Meyer and Cheryl Rader for helping with my medical cost.



Dreamer (Adopted)

8/13/20:  I am joining the Raj Family and looking forward to starting my new life with them.  Their previous smooth collie passed away and missed having a dog.  Asha is my girl and we are going to be best buds.  Thanks everyone for helping me to find this wonderful home.


































8/9/20:  I’m new here at the rescue because my owner unexpectedly passed away.  I am a 3 ½ year old, tri, smooth collie girl at 48 pounds.  I am housetrained, leash trained and get along with the other dogs.  I don’t mind the cat and pay no attention to them.  I have a great personality and ready for my new home.



Bruce (Adopted)

8/9/20:  Wow have I found the perfect people for me.  Tammie and Robert wanted to downsize after losing their three collies.  When I came into the rescue they knew I would be great for the Krauss family.  I am already being spoiled and know I will have a wonderful life with them.









8/2/20:  I’m a 6 year old corgi / sheltie mix fellow at 45 lbs.  When the rescue isn’t full they like to help out other breeds so here I am.  The new husband at our house was allergic to my fur and couldn’t stop sneezing.  No problem with the with the housetraining and I have very good manners.  I’m a very attentive and like to be by you side.  I do like a game of fetch and a very smart little guy.  I have the softest fur that you just want to keep rubbing.  Pretty good with the other dogs if they don’t aggravate me and cats are ok.


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