Gillie (Adopted)





1/30/23:  Jeff and Tod called themselves fostering that day they took me home.  I immediately proceeded to bark at every noise in the house  and there were no surprised with me.  I met Jake who was once a lot like me and we zoom through the house together.  He need a pal like me to play with and has a few quirks of his own.  If I don’t want to come in the house Jeff takes the vacuum on the porch and I come running to kill that evil devil.  I fit right in this family, I’m their kind of girl and I think Miss Jean knew I would be staying.  How lucky I am to find a family that understands this kind of girl.



1/14/23:  I’m a two year old wild woman and that is why I am at the rescue.  My people were elderly and I was to much for them.  We did not have a fenced yard and since a baby I have always been on a leash when going outside.  When I arrived at the rescue and I was free to run, I ran in the yard until I could run no more.  I had 2 years of pent-up energy to get out.   It was so good to see the other collies and have them to play with.  I still have a lot of energy and a very busy girl.  I pretty much bark at everything that makes a noise like the garbage disposal, vacuum cleaner and some things that don’t make noise like the wonder bread.  I just need some time and the training that I missed as a puppy. You will probably need a lot of patience too.



Cheer (Adopted)









1/30/23:  I have joined the Long Family and they are just perfect for me.  I have already been for my first checkup and to the groomers that wanted to take me home.  I have made some dog friends in the neighborhood when we go on walks.  I get lots of pets, cuddles and dog treats and have fit right in.  Millie and I sometimes watch shows on the IPad together.  We are going to be best friends for a very long time.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find the best home ever.













12/18/22:  I am small, collie mix girl at about 40 pounds.  The rescue folks are guessing me to be about 4 or 5 years old.  I was picked up by the animal control as a stray.  That was my lucky day because I have heartworms that will need to be treated.  I am a very gentle, calm easy going kind of girl that is housetrained and crate trained.  I get along fine with the other dogs and the cats are ok with me.  I do know some basic commands and pretty good on the leash.  So far I have had a bath to remove all the flea dirt and been spay.  I did have some mats someone cut out but my coat will grow back.  I sure do love a dog bed.

Thank you Mary Mench, Cameron Low and Patricia Smith for helping with the cost of my medical treatment.



Glee (Adopted)



1/14/23:  I have settled right in here at the Low’s home and so glad to have a family again.  Mom and I run and play in the yard and then I have a nice nap on dad’s lap.  This is just the home I was looking for and the perfect one for me.


12/18/22:  I am a 3 ½ year old smooth, blue merle collie girl at about 50 pounds.  Before my person passed away, I was very much loved and well taken care of.  I am a little confused right now and unsure about what is happening.  I am housetrained , crate trained and ride well in the car.  I’m pretty good on the leash and enjoy going for walks.

Thank you Lynn Hoffman, Kendy Cochran and Shelia Sloan for helping with my medical cost.





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