Senior Celebrities

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 The senior collies are placed in what we call permanent foster homes. This is where the rescue pays all their medical expenses and all the foster has to do is love them like they will live forever. It is the seniors that need us the most and so sad to see them discarded after they have given so many years of love to their humans.

Please help to provide for these seniors with a donation so they can live out their  years in a home where they are loved and cared for.  A life with the dignity they deserve as they grow older.  Thank these folks for caring.

Kathleen A Finnell, Ann Burbank and June Evans



Please meet our seniors in foster care and the families who are giving them a home.



ROSIE:  Retired service collie at 11 years old.  CRC March 2020.  Thank you George and Melody Victor for giving Rosie a home.










ZIGGY:  At nine years old his owner took him to the shelter because the new wife did not like his shedding.  Thank you Jeff for giving Ziggy a home where he will be loved.










HONEY BEE:  Surrendered to CRC July, 2018 at ten years old because her owner could no longer care for her.  Thank you Scott for giving this senior lady a home.










CASSIE: Pulled from animal shelter at 11 1/2 years old 2/17











BORIS:  Owner surrender to collie rescue 10/2016CelineCeline & Denise

CELINE.  Picked up as a stray by animal control March 2016.  Treated for heartworms and about 11 yeas old.