Lizbeth & Marlie (Adopted)

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2/3/13:  Today is a very special day for us and we are going home with Tammy & Robert.  The great news is we get to stay together and Evan is coming with us.  We were really good on the ride to our new home and now we are exploring the yard and settling in.  There is no doubt we will be very much loved and cared for here.  Thanks to everyone that helped to make this possible for us.

 Lizbeth 5   Marlie 5

1/27/13:  We are Lizbeth and Marlie, two 5 year old sisters that love each other very much.  Most of the collies coming here with another make new friends and don’t mind leaving each other.  While we do like playing with the others we do prefer each other.  We have been together all our lives and do everything in unison.  If one drinks the other does, if one rolls over the other rolls over so the rescue folks would prefer we be adopted together.  Since we do everything together it is like really owning one dog but feeding two.  We are housetrained, crate trained and great with children.  This week we went to the vet and were treated for heartworms and as you can see also had a bath.  They had a lot of fun playing with our hair at the vet. So if you would like to wonderful, sweet and beautiful collie girls here we are.


1/6/13:  Hello my name is Lizbeth and I am about 5 years old.  You may have confused me with Tina Turner because of my punked out hair and I can also sing well.  I am a really sweet girl that is housetrained and crate trained although I don’t really need it.  This week I will be going to the beauty shop to get a bath and I will also need heartworm treatment before I can be adopted.  If you would like to help with my care just click the donate button.


1/6/13:  Nice to meet you folks, my name is Marlie and I am about a five year old female collie.  I have a wonderful personality and enjoy being around the other dogs and people.  I am housetrained and crate trained although I don’t really need it.  I have been spayed, vaccinated and this week will be going to the beauty shop for a bath.  I will also have to have heartworm treatment since I have a light case of them.  If you would like to help with my medical care just hit the donate button.

Thank you Laurina Emery-Jacobs, Monica Weitkuhn, Valerie Rothbauer, Mary Washburn,  Kay Tapley and Susan Lynde for caring about us and helping us to get well.

Thank you Karen Grant and Amanda Cox for our baths.


Christian (Adopted)

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4/6/13:  I have a home and going to Maryland to live with Maureen and Mike.  They loved me the minute they saw my picture and no doubt I was the one for them.  They understand I have just recently lost my sight and now learning to trust humans to help me find my way.  They also have other dogs that I can follow around and learn which way to go.  Thanks to everyone that help me find these folks that have opened their hearts to this blind boy.  Christian






















3/16/13:  Checking in to let you know how things are going here with me.  I am adjusting to being blind and as you can imagine it is a challenge.  People say I have beautiful eyes but I only know they are eyes that can no longer see.  However us dogs don’t let things like this end life for us and we learn to rely on our other senses.  Now I would not do well in a home with a lot of steps but I do fine with the three going off the deck here.  I do like my crate in the house and can find my way to it with no problems.  I’m a quiet kind of guy and not much of a barker.  At two years old and forty pounds I am full grown and a small collie.  My coat is comming back in and I’m all fuzzy.  I hope someone will open their heart and give this wonderful guy a home.  Chris

Christian 2 Christian









1/29/13:  Went to the eye doctor today and my retinas are detached.  Can’t see a thing but my other senses will take over and help me find my way.  Next week I am going to the vet for my heartworm treatment and then I can find a forever home.  Doing well here and have learned the steps going down to the yard and where the door is to get back in.  The most important thing is my tail has started to wag.

1/13/13:  My new name is Christian and I am a young fellow at 2 years old.  I am about the sweetest fellow you will ever meet being very quiet and gentle.  When I went to the animal shelter my coat was so matted they had to shave it off.  I have beautiful blue eyes although they cannot see because I am blind.  It that isn’t enough I have a hernia that will need to be repaired where mom cut the cord to short and a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  I’m doing pretty well here at the rescue and once I learn where everything is you would never know I can’t see.  Miss Jean says there is someone out there for each and every one of us and that my person will come.  Thank you, rescue folks for saving my life and pulling me from the animal shelter.  If you would like to help with my medical needs just click that donate button.  Chris

Thank you Valerie Rothbauer, Marintha Miller, Kelly Anne Kasheta, Monica Weitkuhn, Mary Washburn, Dora Weber, Barbara Minakakis, Edward Settle, Carol Sizemore, Jerry Stoltz and Steve Jarrett for helping with my medical cost.  I never imagined so many people could care about me.


Taylor (Adopted)

Taylor & Settle'sTaylor












1/5/13:  Just when I thought life couldn’t be any better Susanne & Bill came to adopt me.  I never imagined anyone would want a dog like me with so many problems yet they love me already.  They are very special people and what a lucky girl I am.  Also here is a picture of me at my new home in my brand new crate with toys to play with.  There are 3 others here and they are shelties like me so it is good to have friends.  Folks sure have been good to me and I had no idea such a good life was possible for me.  When I am healthy enough I will still have to be treated for the heartworms and also be spayed.  Thanks everyone who helped to save my life and kept me in their prayers.

Taylor 12152012

12/22/12:  I continue to get better and much more active now.  My skin is no longer greasy and so much more pink and healthy.  Today I even did a play dance with the others and ran around the yard.  Yep I’m on my way back to good health and it is because so many people care.


12/16/12: Looking a little better and sure am feeling better these days.  I have so much more energy and enjoy spending time outside when it is warm.  I have coats of all kinds to wear that nice people sent me.  Thank you folks for not giving up on me and your prayers.





12/01/12:  This week I went to the vet for some medical work.  The skin scraping showed no mange mites and the treatment worked.  I also had bloodwork that revealed my thyroid to be very low so I have started medicine for that.  They also found out I have heartworms that will need to be treated when I am healthy again and I know that day will come.  My eyes are much clearer now, my hair is growing back and my tail is wagging.  Tom & Sharon brought me the raw diet dog food and will help me to get nutrition faster.  I have to say I sure do love it and eat every bite.  Folks have sent me some very nice sweaters to wear so I can stay outside longer and enjoy the yard a little more.  I have receive blankets for my crate and it’s like I have my own fan club.

11/24/12:  It isn’t easy to get a picture of me outside because I pretty much go out to do my business and back inside where it is warm.  As you can see my hair is growing back and my legs are now covered.  It kind of itches though like when a man is growing a beard or a woman needs to shave her legs.  My skin is now a very nice pink and no longer red and angry anymore.  All my life no one has cared about me and now there are so many folks that have donated toward my care.  I can’t believe so many people want to help me get well.  Thank you so much for this warm bed I have and mostly for the love you send.  It must be Christmas Magic!

11/3/12:  There is no doubt that I am on my way to a better life and in the best of hands with you folks.  Can you believe I have my very own bed to curl up in and keep me warm?  So far I have been wormed and treated for the mange.  You can see the dead skin has started to fall off and although it looks pink and irritated the mites are dying.  I don’t itch near as much and starting to feel better.  We will just have to wait for the medicine to take its course.  As I get healthier I will receive the rest of my medical treatment like vaccinations and spay.  I’m a sweet little girl and no problem with the housetraining.  I am amazed at all the folks that care about me and helping with my care.  Thank you for saving my life.

























10/30/12:  I know I’m not pretty to look at right now because the sarpotic mange has really taken a toll on my skin.  I am so lucky to be here at the rescue and it because when I saw this little girl I took a chance and went to her for help.  She wasn’t put off by my looks or scared of me.  She and her father called the rescue and gave me a ride.  Last night the temperature went down to 36 and I would not have made it through the night.  Therefore my new name is Taylor after the one who saved me.  Please check in to see my progress and me become beautiful and healthy again.  If you would like to help with my care just hit that donate button.

Thank you Marintha Miller, Linda Plante, Susan King, Darlene Welch, Eddie Brown, Jodi Swartz, Laurina Emery-Jacobs, Jackie Mongan, Roberta Healy, Christina Clark, Lesley Rivers, Gordon McDonnell, Brian Wilcox, Susan & James Ellis, Linda Emmerson, Merry Day, Susan Campbell, Billy Kasheta, David Taylor, Kathy Boyes, Virginia King, Richard & Marilyn Capps, Marilyn Mayhew, Valerie Rothbauer, Mount Eve Keepsakes, Jamie Curran, Angelo Massari, Angela Oaks, Mark Filippelli, Evan Novitsky,  Carol Fant, Virginia Coile, Brenda Rewalt and Kay Tapley for donating toward my care.

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