Lizbeth & Marlie (Adopted)

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2/3/13:  Today is a very special day for us and we are going home with Tammy & Robert.  The great news is we get to stay together and Evan is coming with us.  We were really good on the ride to our new home and now we are exploring the yard and settling in.  There is no doubt we will be very much loved and cared for here.  Thanks to everyone that helped to make this possible for us.

 Lizbeth 5   Marlie 5

1/27/13:  We are Lizbeth and Marlie, two 5 year old sisters that love each other very much.  Most of the collies coming here with another make new friends and don’t mind leaving each other.  While we do like playing with the others we do prefer each other.  We have been together all our lives and do everything in unison.  If one drinks the other does, if one rolls over the other rolls over so the rescue folks would prefer we be adopted together.  Since we do everything together it is like really owning one dog but feeding two.  We are housetrained, crate trained and great with children.  This week we went to the vet and were treated for heartworms and as you can see also had a bath.  They had a lot of fun playing with our hair at the vet. So if you would like to wonderful, sweet and beautiful collie girls here we are.


1/6/13:  Hello my name is Lizbeth and I am about 5 years old.  You may have confused me with Tina Turner because of my punked out hair and I can also sing well.  I am a really sweet girl that is housetrained and crate trained although I don’t really need it.  This week I will be going to the beauty shop to get a bath and I will also need heartworm treatment before I can be adopted.  If you would like to help with my care just click the donate button.


1/6/13:  Nice to meet you folks, my name is Marlie and I am about a five year old female collie.  I have a wonderful personality and enjoy being around the other dogs and people.  I am housetrained and crate trained although I don’t really need it.  I have been spayed, vaccinated and this week will be going to the beauty shop for a bath.  I will also have to have heartworm treatment since I have a light case of them.  If you would like to help with my medical care just hit the donate button.

Thank you Laurina Emery-Jacobs, Monica Weitkuhn, Valerie Rothbauer, Mary Washburn,  Kay Tapley and Susan Lynde for caring about us and helping us to get well.

Thank you Karen Grant and Amanda Cox for our baths.


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