Charm (Adopted)


1/24/21:  Will you just look at my great, new family and we are going to be very happy together.  At my new home I have others to play with and they have already accepted me.  I’m going to have a wonderful life with Elizabeth and William and thanks everyone that helped me to find them.










1/10/21:  I’m a one year old collie girl at about 48 pounds.  I get along fine with the other dogs and don’t mind the cat.  I am a bit of a nervous girl and pretty much always moving.  I will need the company of another dog to help me get out energy and show me the things I need to learn.  I am housetrained but need to go out first thing in the morning and before bed.  I’m good on the leash and on car rides.  I need a person that will be patient and understanding with me.

Thank you Shannon Burdick for donating to help with my medical needs.


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