Cheer (Adopted)









1/30/23:  I have joined the Long Family and they are just perfect for me.  I have already been for my first checkup and to the groomers that wanted to take me home.  I have made some dog friends in the neighborhood when we go on walks.  I get lots of pets, cuddles and dog treats and have fit right in.  Millie and I sometimes watch shows on the IPad together.  We are going to be best friends for a very long time.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find the best home ever.













12/18/22:  I am small, collie mix girl at about 40 pounds.  The rescue folks are guessing me to be about 4 or 5 years old.  I was picked up by the animal control as a stray.  That was my lucky day because I have heartworms that will need to be treated.  I am a very gentle, calm easy going kind of girl that is housetrained and crate trained.  I get along fine with the other dogs and the cats are ok with me.  I do know some basic commands and pretty good on the leash.  So far I have had a bath to remove all the flea dirt and been spay.  I did have some mats someone cut out but my coat will grow back.  I sure do love a dog bed.

Thank you Mary Mench, Cameron Low and Patricia Smith for helping with the cost of my medical treatment.



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