Chickpea (Adopted)



11/19/23:  I found my new home with the Boyce’s and have settled in nicely.  I have a bed that is just for me to snuggle in after we go for long walks.  My new doggie friends and I have play dates together.  This is the perfect home for me and know I will be very loved.


11/5/23:  They mostly call me Chicky and that suits my personality.  I’m a smart little kid that picks up quickly with my training.  Doing great with the housetraining and the crate training.   I have met the cats and while they did not much care for me I was ok with them.  My mom was a pure bred tri color collie and we don’t know about dad.  I look at bit more like the smooth collie with a much more manageable coat.




















10/18/23:  Three month old collie mix girl.



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