Daisy (Adopted)



11/3/23:  I’m out of here and headed to Vermont with Lynn.  She likes a girl with spirit and personality so I was the perfect choice for her.  It was a long trip home and I was a good rider but slept a lot.  Once here I met Merlin who is my new collie friend.  He was happy to see me and have a playmate.  I met the horses and they are a bit scary but I’m sure I will get use to them being a farm girl now.






7/29/23:  I am a 3 year old tri collie girl at 45 pounds.  I am house, crate trained and great on the leash.  I get along with the other dogs but I do like to be the boss.  I enjoy a good game of fetch and snuggling next to my person.  I sometimes get over excited and will bark, jump and nip.  This is something we are working on and it would benefit me to go to an obedience class.  No cats for me please.


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