Durham (Adopted)




8/20/22:  Headed home with my new fellow, Grayson.  Maverick the golden retriever is 2 years old and will be my new playmate.  We are all getting along great and even the Chihuahua likes me.  I am so happy to be starting my new life with the O’Reilly’s and will be very happy here.








7/16/22:  I’m the bravest guy here.  We all wanted that toy but I was the only one with the courage to brave that splash pad and get it.  I’m doing great with the housetraining, got the crate training down and learning some basic commands.  Practicing loose leash walking and learning about all the new, wonderful things.  I’m great with the other dogs but no cats for me.
















6/20/22: Nine month old male very underweight.  My evaluation is in progress. 




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