Fill The Bowls For 2014

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This year because you care and with your help we placed 88 collies in permanent homes.   This number is down from the last five years and I hope it means we are making a difference.  2008 (97) 2009 (113) 2010 (109) 2011 (92) 2012 (126)  It was a memorable year with a record number of people and collies at the reunion, some special collies that were restored to good health and sadly many that crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Over the past thirteen years you have saved over 1,200 collies.  As always we thank you for all you do to make this rescue great.  Be proud of the lives you saved in 2013 and they thank you so much.  Most of all I thank you for allowing me to continue to do the work I love so much.

It is time to start gearing up for 2014 and the collies that will need to be saved in the coming year.  We took in a new fellow today and have a female coming on Thursday so it is already starting.  Some of the items we will need for the year are paper towels, Frontline and chew treats made in the USA please.  We always need canned dog food either Alpo or Pedigree.  Most websites will ship these items for free and my address is 3227 Swaim Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27107.  When shopping online please remember to shop through IGive or Amazon Smile as they send the collies a percent of each sale.  If you would like to start the year off with a one time or monthly donation just hit that donate button.  Let’s make sure this bowl will be full for her when she arrives.  Jean Smith, Coordinator



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