Frisbee (Adopted)









6/9/22:  Today I joined the Lockamy family and excited to be part of a family.  Can you believe they let me sleep in the bed?  I get lots of petting and attention here which I have been without for a long time.  What a different life I have now with Jerry and Linda.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find them.


























5/28/22:  I am a 4 year old collie girl at about 46 pounds. Scout is my dad and we are at the rescue because our people no longer wanted us.  Looks someone did a bit of a chop job on my coat but it will grow back out.  I am housetrained, like other dogs and cats and also good on the leash.  I have very good manners and looking forward to my new home.  I will be going to the vet soon for my spay and checkup.

Thank you Barbara Shoaf for helping with my medical cost.



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