Gillie (Adopted)





1/30/23:  Jeff and Tod called themselves fostering that day they took me home.  I immediately proceeded to bark at every noise in the house  and there were no surprised with me.  I met Jake who was once a lot like me and we zoom through the house together.  He need a pal like me to play with and has a few quirks of his own.  If I don’t want to come in the house Jeff takes the vacuum on the porch and I come running to kill that evil devil.  I fit right in this family, I’m their kind of girl and I think Miss Jean knew I would be staying.  How lucky I am to find a family that understands this kind of girl.



1/14/23:  I’m a two year old wild woman and that is why I am at the rescue.  My people were elderly and I was to much for them.  We did not have a fenced yard and since a baby I have always been on a leash when going outside.  When I arrived at the rescue and I was free to run, I ran in the yard until I could run no more.  I had 2 years of pent-up energy to get out.   It was so good to see the other collies and have them to play with.  I still have a lot of energy and a very busy girl.  I pretty much bark at everything that makes a noise like the garbage disposal, vacuum cleaner and some things that don’t make noise like the wonder bread.  I just need some time and the training that I missed as a puppy. You will probably need a lot of patience too.



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