Halo (Adopted)

Halo & McConnel's



6/26/14:  Although I cannot see this is the brightest day of my life because I’m going home with Jack and Gloria.  They adopted Jackson who was also blind eight years ago so they have plenty of experience.  I will have Devin, Siberius and Woodrow to play with and they will assist me in getting around.  This is the home everyone has been praying I would have and no doubt I will be in the best of hands.  What a long way I have come and thanks so much to everyone who helped me to progress and believed in me.




Halo 062114 2 Halo 062114










6/21/14:  My training is complete and I am back at Miss Jean’s house.  I am doing absolutely wonderful and follow her all over the yard while she poop scoops.  I am now great on the leash and what a long way I have come with so much more confidence now.  Today we had a birthday party for Emily who volunteers here at the rescue and I got to wear this great hat.








Halo 2 Halo with cart









2/10/14:  Will you just look at me and I am so proud of myself.  I have learned to pull this cart of hay to the pasture so Albert the Ox can have his breakfast.  Then off to Lowe’s we went and I got up on that cart to go for a ride through the store.  I’m pretty much a normal dog now with so much confidence.  When I first came to rescue I was so afraid of what might be happening to me.  I had no idea life for me could be so wonderful.

Halo 10


12/16/13:  Well I am with Claire now and she is teaching me so many things.  Here we are at the pet supply store where I am leaning sit and doing pretty good if I say so.  Thanks everyone that cares about me.











Halo 4

Halo 5












11/23/13:  This little lady is making great progress here and enjoy when the volunteers come and let me lay in their laps.  I have truly learned to enjoy the touch of a human and how loving they can be.  I did well at the beauty shop and had my very first bath.  As you can see the tips of my ears are gone and that is where the flies ate them biting me.  I understand that will never happen again and my life will only get better.  You folks are just wonderful for taking me in and I appreciate it so very much.

Halo & Emily






















11/16/13:  My name is Halo and I am about 2 years old.  I live in a dark and quiet world because I am blind and deaf.  It is the only world I have ever know because I was born this way.  When two merles are bred together they can produce blind and deaf puppies and should never be done.  I have also received very little attention and don’t really know the love of humans.  The volunteers come on Saturday’s to spend time with me and I am really starting to enjoy what I have been missing for so long.  This week I will be going to the groomer to get these horrible mats out of my coat.  Please keep me in your prayers and just hit that donate button if you would like to help with my care.

Thank you Kimberlee Rettberg, Samantha Hjerpe, John Olsakovsky, Vincent Binek, Roberta Braun Curtin, Peter Belardino, Beveraly Hirt, Debora Doney, Deborah Knowles, Carol Lightcap, Kathy Boyes, Karin Bennett, Ginny Young, Kelly Anne Kasheta, Marilyn Mayhew, Kim Rettberg, Susan Chase, Desiree Griffiths, Nathan Kovell, Eric Oaks, Ann M Moyle, Thomas Boardley and Ann L. Bishop for loving me.


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