Illinois Hoarding Situation













Thank you to everyone that helped these collies to find their forever homes.  They have all been adopted.

CRC has been given ownership of 15 of the collies from the Illinois Hoarding situation. The dogs have been at the rescue since Sept 14, but there were some legal issues that had to be cleared up and we were asked not to share any information until it was resolved. We finally got the word that it was done. All dogs will be spayed and neutered as appointments allow.

A small group of CRC volunteers drove to Mercer County IL to retrieve the collies. The drive was 15 hours up and back the very next day, on little sleep. The collies arrived at CRC around 3 am. Some of the collies required veterinary care and were taken to the vet. Most were transferred to a local kennel for some serious grooming and care. All collies came to us vaccinated, microchipped, and vetted for any medical issues prior to our receipt. There are 5 smoothies and 10 roughs, lots of tri’s and some merles. There was a single sable headed white. There are 8 girls and 7 boys. Some are immediately friendly and happy. Others are going to need some time to trust. One thing is for certain – they are in a much better place now and they will all have the chance to have the types of lives that all Collies deserve.  Just click below to watch a movie of our journey to CRC.

If you would like to help these collies and others in rescue just hit the donate button.  We are in desperate need of funds.


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