In Honor of Laddie


The animal shelter called me about a collie that had been turned into the shelter because he has killed another dog.  You know we take all collies here and all are given a chance so we picked him up.  We kept him in the lot due to his history but it found out the owners had a lot of dogs and Laddie got the blame because he was the largest.  However I was still was sure and did not let him out with the other dogs.  One Saturday a family came to adopt and they had a five year old son.  This little fellow walked out to the dog lot and knelt down if front of Laddie.  Now you need to know when people come to adopt we pay special attention to the children and the collies response to each other.  Jan was here and we weren’t even paying attention to what the parents were saying, we were watching the child with Laddie.  Laddie lied down and they just sat there staring at each other for about five minutes.  The parents kept talking but I’m gong “Jan do you see this?” and yes she was watching.  As the child got up to walk away there were tears streaming down his face and there was no doubt in mind those two had communicated.  Finally I asked the parents had they seen what just happened and they responded they were use to this and he had a way with animals.  They let that day and without adopting however I can’t help but believe their visit was for their son to talk to Laddie.  What a gift I would love to have although most times painful knowing their stories.  Laddie went on to be adopted by Robin and Greg Ungano where he was much love and slept with the cat until he crossed the RainbowBridge.  Laddie is one of the many miracles we see here at the collie rescue.


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