Keebler (Adopted)


12/28/21:  Dad and I are on a long trip to my new home.  I will meet mom when we get there and he assures me she will love me just as much as he does.  I will be the only dog and get all the attention and petting I want.  I am so happy to become a member of the Stolpa Family and thanks everyone that helped to make this new life possible for me.
















12/12/21:  I’m a 4 year old collie fellow at the rescue because my person took me to the animal shelter.  That was my lucky day because now I’m going to have a real life with folks that will love me.  I have been to the vet for my checkup, neutering and a bath.  I’m doing pretty good with the housetraining although I have had a few accidents.  I don’t need a crate and I’m so good I get to sleep in Ms. Jean’s room with her.  I know my basic commands like sit, shake and pretty good on the leash.  I get along with most other dog but since the cat scratched me I don’t like them anymore.

Thank you Kendy Cochran for helping with my medical needs.



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