Landon & Max (Adopted)



4/15/12:  Well here is a story for you, we were adopted out to different families.  However we just were not adjusting to our new homes so we came back to the rescue on Saturday.  We sure were glad to see each other since we are family and the rescue folks all realized we needed a home together.  Well Lt.Col Russell B Turpin USMC ret came on Sunday to meet the collies and Miss Jean was sure he was going to take Rhett.  However after meeting all of us he decided he would take the both of us although the wife might kill him.  We rode home safely in the car with no problems and Mrs. Turpin has fallen if love with us and didn’t kill Mr. Turpin.  I am sleeping in the closet where I am comfortable and Tanner is sleeping in the bed.  The Turpin’s realize it is going to take time for us to feel comfortable, know this is our home and we aren’t going anywhere.  In the mean time we are happy to be back on a farm and walking the pasture with Mr. Turpin.  Miss Jean always says things happen for us for a reason


4/8/12:  My name is Landon but they call me Bubba because I have one ear up and one down.  I am about three years old and a shy fellow that prefers females because I haven’t spent much time around men.  I am housetrained and crated trained so no problems there.


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