Lassie Is Home (Adopted)

4/14/12:  Hi folks my name is Lassie and I just came into rescue yesterday.  My person was disabled and we did not have a fenced yard so I kind of just roamed the neighborhood.  The neighbor started complaining and mom didn’t want to tie me up so she felt it was best to find me a new home.  She loved me very much but put my best interest before her feelings and gave me a new family.  Mom wrote an informative note for the adopters about how much I love cheeseburgers and to ride in the car.  Well Miss Jan came today to meet the collies and decided I would be a good fit for her family which includes two male dogs.  On the way to my new home we stopped and got a cheeseburger so I believe this is going to be good with me.  Miss Jean let my other mom know I am in good hands and will be very much loved.  Thank you collie rescue folks for being there for me when I needed you.


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