Levitt (Adopted)


12/15/23:  I’m headed out on a 17 hour journey to my new home.  My new dad came to meet me and brought Miss Lylah who gave me a thumbs up.  We hit it off right away and I am so excited to have a girlfriend.  We made some stops along the way and I got to stay in a hotel.  I have so many new things to experience and ready to start my new life.







11/6/23:  I am a smooth collie fellow about 2 to 3 years old.  Relic and I were picked up by the animal shelter just wondering around as strays.  We both did have an embedded prong collar in our neck and thankfully that has been removed.  The shelter folks think we were probably tied outside all the time.  Clearly no one check to see how tight our collars were.  I’m a bit more outgoing and really loving this new life.  So many new things to learn about like being in the house and freedom to run around the fenced in yard.  There is plenty to eat and I have learned about treats and toys.






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