Luke (Adopted)




10/19/23:  Kim and Chuck took me home today and have promised I will never be alone again during a thunderstorm.  Sure enough we had our first storm the second night I was here.  They put on my thunder shirt and held me close so I felt safe.  I have a nice, new bed and we go on many walks together which I enjoy.  The cat is my new pal and we get along just great.  I sure am happy to have found this wonderful home.



10/18/23:  I am a 4 year old, slim collie fellow at 45 pounds.  I could stand to gain a few pounds and I believe a lot of treats would help.  I had always lived outside and it has caused me to be afraid of thunderstorms.  Now to make matters worse my people moved near the base where they do all the shooting.  It was making me a nervous wreck so they decided to let me come to the rescue.  We have only had one thunderstorm so far and I did very well with the thundershirt.  I am the sweetest guy you will ever meet and a loving kind of fellow.  I’m fine with the other dogs and don’t mind the cats.  No problem with the housetraining and do not need a crate.



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