Maddie: Permanent Foster

10/30/10  Today was my day to get my very own home with Ann, Bill and their collie Marq as a perment foster collie.  They have a nice big deck, and woods, and lots of space for me to take walks and wander around.  I am sleeping and eating well; I’ve got a new bed, but I like Marq’s bed in the kitchen.  They also have a bucket full of bones and other toys for me to play with on their screened porch where they have a second dog bed for me and for Marq.  I have truly found the good life and want to thank all of the people responsible for helping me.  Maddie

If you would like to help with my care just hit the donate button and specify it is for me, Maddie.

9/10/10  If you folks are thinking I am a senior citizen well I’m not.  I have no problems getting up or down and don’t pee my pants like some older girls do.  There are a lot of youngsters here in rescue and as the matriarch I keep them in line.  I guess you could call me the play police and I make sure everyone is playing nicely.  When I am not baby sitting I like being by you side.

 8/2/10  Doing great here and slimming down, however being on a diet stinks. My butt doesn’t look big does it? I’m feeling so much better since my ears have cleared up and my coat has started to grown back.  I’m about the sweetest girl you will ever meet and really enjoy being by your side.  I am housetrained, don’t need a crate and love everyone even the cat.  Us seniors are a lot of fun because we are like puppies without all the bad habits.

 7/11/10 My name is Maddie ten years old and here is my story.  I was adopted in 2004 when my person lived in North Carolina.  Since that time we moved to Arkansas and I was having some problems with my ears.  She decided to let me come back to rescue where I can receive the care I need.  My home coming was a true miracle by many helping hands participating in my journey to NC.  If you can just imagine, all this happened in just four days.  Brenda set everything up and Henry from Pilots N Paws volunteered to fly me to Davidson, NC.  David picked me up at Brenda’s house and brought me to Miss Jean’s.

I have been to the vet, received medicine for my ears and on a twice daily thyroid pill.  Folks if you can imagine I weight 98 pounds and need to lose about 30.  I am on the green bean diet which I love.  The rescue would like to place me in a permanent foster home.  This is where they will pay my medical bills within reason and all you have to do is love and feed me.  I will need to stay on my diet and daily walks would be good for me.  Please contact the rescue about this program.  If you would like to donate to our senior fund just hit the button below.

Thank you Agnes Eichmann and Scott Perman  for donating toward my care.


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