3/3/12:  Thanks to everyone who took the challenge and we raised enough funds to pay for the 39 collies to have vaccinations, altering, worming, flea treatment, dentals, heartworm treatment and boarding.  What a tremendous outpouring of love for these neglected collies that are so sweet.  If you want to see some happy faces just click on the adopted page to see the wonderful work you have done and the difference you have made in their lives.  This is what rescue is all about and when the challenge came you stepped up to help in every way!  I am so proud to be apart of this wonderful group of collie lovers.


We are at $3,790.00 and with the matching donation of $2,500.00 so the boarding bill is covered.  We only have three remaining collies at the boarding kennel.  We still need to cover the vet bill which is $5,600.00 and they gave us a huge discount.  All collies have been wormed, flea treated, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated if needed, spayed/neutered, dentals and hernia repairs.  We received a check today from The Collie Rescue Foundation for $1,800.00.  We are at 22 adoptions so far for the year and the applications are pouring in.  FOLKS YOU ARE MAKING THIS HAPPEN AND A BRAND NEW LIFE FOR THEM! 


Take a look at Tanner that was adopted on Saturday and he is sleeping in a bed now with his owner.  This boy was standing in mud when we picked him up and he was covered.  He never imagined such a life could be for him and you made this happen! 








These collies have the sweetest temperament I have every seen and seem to have a family unity.  They never fight not even for food and if they think one is in distress they all come running to help.  When they were out tonight for last potty I looked out on the deck and there laid six adults and the two puppies all huddled together.  Until now all they have ever had was each other.


 Collie Rescue of the Carolinas has been contacted by an extremely generous adopter and donor that wishes to remain anonymous.  This donor would like to help out with the extraordinary task CRC has taken on in rescuing the 31 adult collies plus all the puppies from the hoarding situation in western North Carolina.  They are collie lovers like ourselves but live too far away to foster any of the collies but want to help in another way.  These generous folks have offered up a “matching donation” challenge.  Any donations made to collie rescue of $25.00 and above WILL BE MATCHED by them up to a total of $2,500.000!!!!!   What a wonderful way to help out with getting these collies in good health and begin their journey to find loving, permanent homes.

 Donations can be made in two ways:  a check can be sent to Collie Rescue of the Carolinas, P O Box 1313, Kernersville, NC 27285-1313 or by hitting the donate button on our website.  Please spread the word and share this wonderful challenge that saves lives with your friends. 













I was floored when the call came that 35 collies needed to be rescued from a hoarding situation.  The owner had terminal cancer and going to Hospice.  Volunteers dropped all plans, hopped in their vans and drove three hours to pick up the collies.  This was no easy task because many of them had not been touch since being a puppy.  However the volunteers were experienced and they were loaded up quickly on their way to a better life.
























All of them could not come to my house so thirteen are being boarded at the Greensboro Spa and Resort where they are being groomed and socialized.  As I have room they will be moved to my house.  All collies have been vaccinated, altered, dentals, wormed, heartworm tested and flea treated.  Six had umbilical hernias where their mom cut the cord to short, ten had to have dentals and five have heartworms that will need to be treated.

It was amazing to see their face the first time they were given their very own bowl of food instead of eating from a trough.  To see them pick up a toy and play when they have never had one before is beyond heart warming.  They are adapting quickly and these collies have the sweetest temperament I have ever seen.


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