Moody (Adopted)


11/4/23:  I have joined the Mickelson Family and spent the afternoon getting used to my new home.  We are going for long walks and playing a lot of fetch in the yard.  Most of the time we just hang out and I follow them everywhere.  I’m the only dog here and will get all the attention.




















10/30/23:  I am a two year old fellow at about 55 pounds.  My owner passed away unexpectedly so Weebly, Wren and I came to the collie rescue.  I was loved very much and well taken care of.  I am housetrained, don’t need a crate, walk well on the leash and know basic commands.  I am good with the other dogs and do not mind the cats.  I’m a very sweet fellow and not a barker.  My coat was shaved in the spring and will grow back quickly.


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