Penn (Adopted)















6/4/22:  I have the best news ever!!!  I am going to stay with my foster family and have been adopted by the Olson’s.  This will make things so much easier for me since I already know them and have been learning my way around.  Miss Rosa has taken me under her wing and will watch over me as I grow up.  I know I am going to have a wonderful life here and sure do appreciate all the folks that opened their heart and offered to give me a home.


























5/23/22:  Six week old puppy fellow. When mom gave birth to us, I was the last puppy out.  I guess she was all out of eyes because I didn’t get any, so she gave me an extra dose of sweetness. The ophthalmologist says I do have some eye tissue that will need to be removed and the eyelids sewn shut to keep out debris.  It would be easier to have this done at the same time I am neutered.  The rescue is prepared to pay for my surgery.  Now don’t feel sorry for me, I’m a collie and very capable of learning housetraining, leash walking and basic commands.  Since I have never known what it is like to see adjusting will be much easier for me.  I will be able to do anything the others do and once I learn my way around then you would never know I am blind.  It would be very helpful to have another dog to follow and take my cues from.  If you are interested in giving me a home you might want to read up on tips to help me acclimate.

Thank you Anna Demeria, Teme M Levbarg, Maureen Licata, Barbara Minakakis, Susan Slingland, Kathleen Smith, Susan Johnson, Virginia Alderman, Joan Dromey, David Lamparter and  Lindsey Pifer for helping with the expense of my surgery.


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