Rainier (Available)



2/4/24:  I am a 1 year old collie fellow at 60 pounds.  I was advertised on the internet and they let me come to the rescue.  When I was born my nostrils were partially closed so at 11 weeks I had surgery to open them.  It may be that I will now need reconstructive surgery and I am seeing a specialist for that.  So if my nose looks a bit odd that is why.  When I arrived my coat was really matted and some of it had to be shaved.  I am a sweet, loving fellow and having no problem with the housetraining.  I am also crate trained and learning basic commands and leash walking.  I am great with the other dogs and ok with the cats but I do like to chase them.  Please check back to see how I am doing and what is next for my medical needs.

Thank you Lizabeth Meyer for helping with my medical needs.


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