Randolph (Adopted)



8/19/22:  It is a great day for me and I will be joining my brother Gaston and sister Avery at the Davis home.  You can imagine the excitement when we all saw each other.  We played a while and then they showed me around the property.  I am so happy to be with family again and have them to play with.  I am the last of the Counties and we have all found homes.








8/21/22:  Folks, I have gained 6 pounds and now at 35 pounds.  I still have a little more to gain but will always be a smaller fellow.  With all the good nutrition and a bath my coat is very shinny now.  I’m doing great with the housetraining and crate trained.  I am great with all other dogs and don’t mind the cat either.  I prefer to stay at home and play with toys.  I’m not interested in going on walks because those cars going by scare me. 
















6/20/22; Nine month old male very underweight.  My evaluation is in progress. 



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