Rhett (Adopted)


7/28/12:  Finally my day has come and I am in my new home with Michele.  She is a vet so you know I will be receiving the best of care.  Here is a picture of me at home with my two girlfriend’s River who also came from the hording situation and Willow.  We also have cats here and some little critters called chinchilla’s.  I’m doing really well and fitting in just great.  I would like to thank everyone that kept me in their prayers and helped me to find Michele.  My life has gotten better and better since the day the rescue picked me up!  Rhett now Zack


7/21/12:  People coming to adopt a collie visit every weekend and no one seems to even notice me.  How they miss out on this fun loving, sweet fellow I just can’t figure out.  I am the last collie from the hoarding situation and have been here since January.  I have been neutered, treated for a light case of heartworms and had my teeth cleaned.  I have watched many collies come and go but my people don’t seem to know I am here.  Don’t get me wrong this is a great place where I am happy but I would like a home of my home like the others have.  It is the rescue dream and when we come here they tell us our lives will only get better.  I want a chance at that dream and a family please!






 3/3/12:  My new name is Rhett because I am so swave and deboner just like that Butler fellow in the movies.  I have an outgoing personality, a happy fellow loving this new wonderful life.  All my medical work has been completed, housetrained and crate trained.  Pretty good on the leash, love children, the other dogs and cats are ok also.

 1/23/12:  Tri, male collie at about 6 years old:  I am in rescue because my owner is elderly and very sick.  Before she crosses the Rainbow Bridge she wanted to make sure I was in a safe place so contacted the rescue folks.  I was well fed, never abused and just neglected.  She was not what you would call a breeder because she never sold puppies and kept all of us.  I am one of thirty-one coming to rescue.  Since I was well socialized as a puppy I am quickly learning to love being petted and to interact with humans again.  Thank you rescue folks for stepping in to find me a forever home!

 I have a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  If you would like to help with my medical cost just hit the donate button.

My bath was sponsered by Kathi Shiff

Thank you Sean May and Susan King for donating toward my care!



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