River (Adopted)







4/11/23:  I have joined the McCarthy Family which consists of 2 humans, 1 collie (Finn) and 3 cats which I am getting used to.  We have a beautiful garden where Finn and I enjoy laying in the shade.  Mom and dad take us on long walks and then I take a nap on my new bed.  Mom says I am a very smart girl and we are going to do well together.




4/2/23:  I am a smooth, collie girl that has just turned eight.  My person went to the assisted living so I came to the rescue.  I have been very well taken care of over the years.  I am housetrained, good with the other dogs and cats are ok but will chase if they run.  I am a very healthy, sweet girl that loves a good game of fetch and also play frisbee.  I am on Phenobarbital because I had a couple of seizures two years ago.  The rescue folks aren’t sure if I really need it or if the medicine is controlling them very well.  It is a very cheep medicine that I take twice per day.



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