Rush (Adopted)

3/28/22:  The Raj Family came today to meet the available collies.  They have a fondness for the smoothies and adopted Dreamer in 2020.  It was clear that Rush picked Dad, Liberty picked mom and we all love Asha.  Although planning to adopt only one collie it was impossible to pick after seeing the way the three of us clicked together.  Therefore, both Liberty and I will be going to our new home together after our medical work is complete.  We are so excited to be a part of the family photo (Dreamer in the middle) and joining this great family.






























3/27/22:  Hi folks, I am a nine month old, tri, smooth collie fellow at about 50 pounds.  There were two of us but our person decided she could only handle one so I came to the rescue.  I am good with the other dogs, crate trained and housetrained.  I like the kitties but really would like to chase them.



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