Ryker (Adopted)



12/23/23:  The Thomas Family have decided to give me a home and I am their second adoption from CRC.  I fit in here right away and they love me already.  I follow mom every where she goes and she is so glad to have a fellow like me.  This is the greatest home ever and I am so happy to become a part of the great family.



12/17/23:  I was living in a home with a bunch of small dogs and a pitbull that did not like me.  One of the CRC volunteers heard about me needing a home and brought me to the rescue.  I am a 4 year old, 69 pound, white collie fellow with a tri head.  I am housetrained, good on the leash, great with the other dogs and cats also.  I absolutely love people and will always be by your side.  I am working on learning to play fetch.


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