Shaday (Adopted)




3/22/24:  I have joined the Gates Family and they have a lot of experience with dogs who need a little, extra understanding.  I am enclosing a picture of me and my new sister Sadie meeting and we are going to be great friends.  I have pretty much quit going in circles and it is just a coping mechanism for when I am stressed.  I am so lucky to have found this great home and it is just perfect for me.









3/5/24:  Well I went into heat so will have to wait a little on that spay.  As you can imagine I am driving the boys crazy.  I have no problem with the housetraining as long as you get me out when I start circling.  I do not need a crate and like a doggie bed.  Doing great going on walks and lose leash walking.

2/27/24:  I am a 4 ½ petite little girl at 40 pounds.  I am at the rescue because my owner was downsizing.  I have been to the beauty shop for a grooming and will be going soon for my spay soon.  I am great with the other dogs and don’t mind the cats.  My only desire is to be next to you and gets lots of petting.  I have a very gentle nature and learning basic commands here.  I do not need a crate and will go in circles when I need to potty.  Sometimes I circle when stressed and sometimes I just circle for no reason.  It helps to distract me or let me be close to you.  At the rescue they are not sure why I do this and I have no symptoms of it being neurological. I would like a quiet home where there is a lot of love to give.

Thank you Joel Kane for helping with my medical cost.


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