Sky (Adopted)




2/27/22:  My medical work is complete and I have found my new home with Scott.  Merlin is already inviting me to play, and Honeybee has given her approval for me to join the pack.  They have let me know they are very well cared for and they are loved very much.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find Scott.


































2/6/22:  Hello folks, I am a 9 ½ year old girl looking for a home to live out my senior years.  My person put me for sell on a website and the collie rescue quickly took me in.  She didn’t tell anyone that I am incontinent and need daily medicine for this.  This might have really upset someone else had they purchased me.  They might not have wanted me putting me in a bad situation.  The rescue has started me on medicine, and it is working great.  It can be embarrassing to pee your pants and have accidents.  My blood work came back great so I will be having a dental and a cyst removed from my tail later in the month.  I still have plenty of energy and enjoying playing with the other dogs and going for walks.  I have good house manners and will let you know when I need to potty.  I get along fine with the other dogs and the cats are ok with me.  I do enjoy sleeping on nice, soft dog bed if you might have one.

Thank you June Evans, Patricia Finch Dewey, Landee Roth, Paty Cochrum and Thomas McFall for helping with my medical cost.



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