Sparrow (Adopted)

12/17/22:  The kids have all gone to their new homes and it is my time to shine.  I am the last of the Illinois dogs to leave and Anita is taking me home today.  She has so much love for me and help me to get over my fears.  Once we arrived home I met Willow Grace, Fern Cooper and my new dad Sam.   Fenn and Willow are both smoothies like me and adopted from the collie rescue.  I know this is the perfect home for and I will blossom in Anita‚Äôs care.  Thanks to the people that brought me from IL and the ones that helped with my medical needs.  A special thank you to Debbie for helping me to whelp my puppies and care for them.






10/14/22: Please meet my 8 babies and I am very proud of them.  What a surprise for the rescue folks when they found out they were coming any day.  We have 4 boys and 4 girls and I am a very good mom.














Three year old female from IL with evaluation in progress.


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