Sprout (Available)




11/5/23:  Went to the vet for my final x-ray and I got a clean bill of health.  I am now ready to go to my forever home.  I may not look much like a collie but my mom was a pure bred tri color collie.  We don’t know much of anything about my dad.  I have been learning housetraining and doing very well with that.  Also learning some basic commands like sit and come.I have a very sweet, gentle personality.


10/18/23:  Sprout, I’m a three month old collie fellow and the runt of the litter.  When I came to the rescue I had a respiratory infection and had to spend some time at the hospital.  I’m home now, doing great and love playing with toys.  Learning so much here at my foster home like housetraining, crate training and basic commands.




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