Style (Adopted)




12/4/22:  The Chiles came to meet and take me home today.  We made the long trip home and I was perfect in the car.  You can see I have settled right in and picked out the perfect spot for me.  We also have a guy collie that has been needing a friend after losing his brother.  This is the perfect home for me and thanks everyone that help me on my journey.


10/2/22:  I am a 2 year old collie girl that has lived in a hotel all my life.  There was no where to run and play so I am having a great time here with the others.  I am housetrained, crate trained and learning basic commands.  I’m pretty good on the leash, great with the other dogs and only chase the cats if they run.

Thank you Jennifer Crawford for helping with my medical needs.


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