Summit (Adopted)


3/16/24:  I’m joining the Hendrick’s Family and they have always had a collie in the home.  I am happy to be that collie now but the cat hates me which results in a lot of hissing and barking. I have completely changed since coming to my new home and have tons of energy. I have pretty much tested them in every way possible which made mom bring out that weapon of mass destruction, the squirt bottle.  The cat is now laughing and mom and dad have declared they shall overcome.  Yep, this is the right home for me.















3/5/24:  I’m at the vet for my neuter and they found out I have a tick disease.  Fortunately I was am not showing symptoms and I have started antibiotics to clear that up. 

2/27/24:  I am a 7 year old fellow at about 60 pounds.  I am at the rescue because my person could no longer keep me.  I’m a nice guy with a gentle nature.  I get along with the other dogs and don’t mind the cat.  I am learning basic commands and am crate trained although I don’t need one.  Doing well with the housetraining and will be going this week for my neuter.

Thank you Lorraine Mottola for helping with my medical needs.


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