Thrush (Adopted)


12/15/22:  Paula decided I was the one for her and she is ready to help me with my shyness.  She has a lot of experience with timid dogs and knows I just need love and pets.  I will have other dog friends to show me the ropes and give me some confidence.  Paula is very gentle and kind so I know I will be fine in her care.  Thanks everyone that helped me on the journey to find her.







12/7/22:  Had that neuter thing done and a much needed bath.  I have learned crate training, leash walking and pretty good with the housetraining.  I am great with the other dogs and I don’t mind those cats.  I’m an easy going, quiet kind of guy that is a bit shy.  I do enjoy pets and treats are great.  My hair has started to grow back and I’m going to be a sharp looking man.






















Six year old male from IL with evaluation in progress.

Thank you Lorraine Mottola and Patricia Kline for helping with my medical needs.


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