Tickle (Adopted)




8/7/22;  I have successfully wormed my way into Ms. Jean’s heart and will be staying here at the rescue.  We like to play hide and seek with me hiding her shoes and she has to look for them.  I have a pretty good gig here with my own bed and lots of people visiting that pet me.  I am very happy here and want to thank the folks that offered to give me a home.


























6/7/22:  I am a very healthy 12 year old collie lady that has been well take care of and very much loved.  However unfortunate circumstances bring me to collie rescue to find a new home.  I am housetrained, walk great on the leash, good with the other dogs and cats also.  I enjoy a fluffy dog bed, going for a walk or laying outside under a tree.  I will be a permanent foster and this is where the rescue will pay for my approved medical needs and all you have to do is love me like I am going to live forever.

Thank you Sharon DeCheubel, Theresa Kleeman and Deborah Brown for donating to help with my medical needs.


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