Valley (Adopted)





6/10/23:  Hannah comes from a family of collie owners so it was time for her to have one of her own.  It is good to be in my new home and have my own person.  The couch has become my special nook and I have a brand new bed.  I have a buddy to play with and his name is Willie.  We are about the same age so this will work out great.  I have met the chickens and have absolutely zero interest in them.  



5/7/23:  Hi folks, I am a 1 ½ year old collie girl.  I am in the rescue because my folks were moving where they could not have a dog.  I’m a good girl that has very good house manners.  I am housetrained, crate trained and not destructive.  I am good one the leash, riding in cars and love attention.  I am enjoying playing with the other dogs and then cats are fine but will chase them if they run.

Thank you Sara Crayton and Susan Harrison for helping with my medical needs.



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