Want to volunteer in the North or South Carolina area? There are lots of great ways to get involved, and we can always use more hands.  We do ask that if you’re under 18 you have a parent or guardian volunteer with you. For all local volunteer opportunities, please contact Jean Smith and join our Yahoo group to get the latest news.


Foster families make a huge difference in the lives of the dogs they welcome into their homes.  No matter the reason a dog enters rescue, it’s a stressful time in their lives.  Foster families care for the dog physically, but also provide love, security, and a safe environment.


We can’t help a dog we can’t reach.  We’ve only got one location.   We serve two states.  If you have a vehicle and would like to help with transportation, the first step is to sign up for our email list.  When you see a dog in need in your area, reply to Jean, our coordinator.  It’s that easy!  Please be aware that transport is a time sensitive volunteer area due to constraints that are out of our hands.  We hate to say this, but if you’re likely to need to reschedule please don’t volunteer.

Cleanup crew / Facilities Maintainance

Poo.  Poop. Ka-ka. Number two.  That stuff that hits the fan.  Whatever you want to call it, we’ve got more than enough for everyone who wants to share.  With as many as twenty dogs at times, Jean needs help (especially in summer) keeping the grass yard and gravel areas sanitary.  There are also fly traps to clean and crates to wash down.   Maybe that Dirty Jobs guy should come rescue dogs with us!

If you’re a handy man, do-it-yourselfer, or have experience in construction or maintainance we’d also love to hear from you.  Things break and we love knowing who to call to get them fixed.


CRC is proud to have our own grooming facilities.  Proper grooming makes the dogs healthy and more comfortable, as well as minimizing the risk of contagious disease.  By owning our own equipment we save over $35 per dog compared to using a professional service.

Want to learn how the groomer gets your dog so fluffy?  Or maybe how to brush those back feathers faster?  How to remove matts without scissoring out huge chunks of hair?  We’ve got lots of dogs to practice on and love to share what we know!

Fundraising Events

We have a booth selling dog related merchandise and toys at a number of local events and dog shows.  It helps us make money, but it’s also a great way to let people know who we are and what we do.  If you like talking to people and don’t mind the outdoors this could be the perfect spot for you.

Supplies Drive

We never run out of stuff to run out of.  Chew toys, paper towels, concentrated diet for regaining weight . . . there’s always something running out.  Would you run a chew toy donation pool at your office?  Would you be willing to send letters to manufacturers asking for coupons, samples, or donations?  Would you rather just send a donation earmarked for a particular item?  If you want to know what we’re low on check the Wish List!

Volunteering From Home

One of the great things about CRC’s web based community is the ability to volunteer from your own home. Please put the word “VOLUNTEER” in all caps in the subject line of your introductory email so that your letter does not get lost and you get the appropriate form letter right away. (lucky you!) Be patient with us, please. If you don’t hear anything else right away it’s because Murphy’s Law has intervened or because the project you’re interested in is planned for later in the year. With that said . . .

If you are a: Contact: At:
Computer programmer fluent in Perl and PHP Beth Morgan
An artist, any media Alyssa MacLachlan
Everyone Else (Sales or marketing professional, financial planner, purchasing management, wedding/event planner, author, editor, veterinary professional, other animal services professional, screen printer (volume), volunteers with foster homes, etc) Jean Smith

Is there more? Yes, there’s more! We’re on Facebook! You can join us and invite your friends. Telling a friend about us is the single most powerful thing you can do to help. This is the perfect place to put a donation pitch. But we didn’t. We’re better than that. And we’re going to hit it out of the park in 2010!


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