Willa (Adopted)

7/5/24:  Went home with my new moms today and Brody the collie.  He is younger than me but so much bigger and happy to have a playmate.  He has showed me all around the yard and welcomed me to my new home.  Then one of my moms took me to this big store where they had so many toys…and treats…and other dogs…and..and…and… there were some girls there, they were dressed funny so I think they worked there, but anyway, they were loving on me… one of them said “OMG I have never seen one of you in real life!!  Then we went home for dinner and I helped to set up my new bedroom.  I think I am going to love it here with Deanna, Micki and Brody





6/17/24:  I am a six year old collie girl at 55 pounds.  I love going for car rides and will hop right in.  I am housetrained, crate trained, know basic commands and pretty good on the leash.  I don’t pay any attention to the cats but do prefer the company of male dogs.  I like to snuggle or do whatever you want to do.








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