Wren (Adopted)




11/3/23:  I have made my new home with Robert and Sabrina.  I have walked every inch of the house and made myself at home quickly.  Tiber is my new collie friend and we go on long walks together.  Then we come home and I snuggle with mom.  Tomorrow I am going on an elder care visit and I am perfect for this job.  I know I am going to be just fine here.



10/30/23:  I am a five year old collie girl at 55 pounds.  My owner passed away unexpectedly so Weebly, Moody and I came to the collie rescue.  I was loved very much and well taken care of.  I am housetrained, don’t need a crate, walk well on the leash and know basic commands.  I am good with the other dogs and do not mind the cats.  I am a very sweet, gentle kind of girl.  My coat was shaved in the spring and will grow back quickly.


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