2/19/20:  Finally, someone crazy enough to adopt me has come along.  Turns out I’m Jeff’s kind of guy and he likes a fellow with personality.  Miss Jean told him how I like to do unappreciated home renovations and my master gardener skills with unplanting and severe pruning of brushes and trees.  I even showed him some of my smooth moves like getting on the kitchen table and my athletic ability with springing into the air to knock people down.  Didn’t matter to Jeff and we are now on a road trip headed to my new home in Texas.  As we were pulling out of the driveway Miss Jean was changing the locks, put out the closed sign and blocked Jeff’s phone number.  I know she really loved me and will miss me although it may take a week, month, OK maybe not.  Jeff is the right person for me and us guys are going to bond on our long trip.  Please say prayers that I can behave and that Jeff has nerves of steel.




11/12/19:  I’m doing so good here at the rescue with learning manners and boundaries.  Jumping up is the hardest for me because I get so excited when I see people.  Doing better playing with the other dogs and most of them beat me up when they get tired of me pestering them.  I have a lot of energy and they usually get tired before I do.  Watching the birds come to the feeder is one of my favorite things to do.



























10/27/19:  Jake here, a two year old, tri collie fellow at 80 pounds.  I have no clue how large I am and we are working on not jumping up.  I enjoy playing with the other dogs but I am a bit rough.  My favorite way to get attention from the other dogs is to body slam them and not sure how much they like that. I just don’t know how to play and another thing we are working on here at the rescue.  I am full of energy and a very smart fellow.  I am housetrained, crate trained, know basic commands and good on the leash.

Thank you Jenny’s Cause 4 Paws, Inc., Susan Veld and Ann Leslie Valenza for helping with my medical needs.




Dublin 59/12/14:  Well we found our my tumor was cancer and growing every day.  It was getting so large I could hardly walk and I was in a lot of pain.  So after a big meal of burgers, nuggets, fries and a milkshake Miss Jean held my paw while I crossed the rainbow bridge.  I’m free of all pain, neglect and abuse.  Do not be sad for me and sometimes you are only meant to play a part in our lives for a small time.  I left your world knowing I was loved and cared for.  Thank you so much for that.  Dublin


8/31/14:  Feeling a bit stronger and getting around much better.  However I have this large fatty tumor on my right shoulder and it is causing my leg to hurt.  I will be going to the vet on Tuesday so see if anything can be done.


LeeLee 2













My new name is Dublin and I am a senior fellow probably around ten years old.  I was so miserable I decided to just stand in the middle of the road and wait for a car to come.  However it happened the car was being driven by a wonderful lady who realized the bad shape I was in and she picked me up.  Immediately we were off to the groomer where the many years of mats were shaved off.  They removed so many ticks, fleas and some maggots were also living under there.  It is so wonderful to have air getting to my skin and didn’t remember what it was like.  Then we were off to the vet where I was vaccinated, heartworm tested (negative), wormed and given treatment for fleas.  The vet was wonderful and donated their services to help me.  In just one day I had received more love and care than I had known in years.  My savior knew she could not keep me because she was going off to collage so she drove me three hours to the collie rescue.  By golly things just keep getting better and I have my very own orthopedic bed to lay on with a blanket to keep me warm.  How could all this be possible?  Maybe I was hit by a car because I surely am in Heaven now.  Lee, thank you so very much for stopping that day and taking the time to make a difference in the life of this old fella.  My new life started that day.

The love just keeps coming and thank you Jeryl Stoltz, Mary Jane Checchi, Pam Barron, Chris Hillhouse, Nancy Gooding, Rebecca Fox, Kimberlee Rettberg, Carol Lightcap, Anne White, Ann Bishop, Katherine Rahman, Lee Alexander, Deborah Sullivan, Susan Huneycutt and Debbie Olsakovsky for helping with my care.


















5/28/14:  Because of the pain I would have to endure getting in the van the mobile vet came out today to examine me.  I have so many problems with the tick diseases, upper respiratory infection, severe hip pain and I am just miserable.  I ate a pound of ham, a pound of chicken and my favorite, a can of spam.  Then the vet gave me a shot that made me very sleepy.  After about fifteen minutes of being loved and petted I feel asleep under this tree which is my favorite place to lay.  Then she helped me to cross over to the rainbow bridge where I am now free of pain and healthy again.  Do not cry for me and thank you for giving me the gift of being free from the pain I was in.  Thank you for letting me feel your love and know there are people who care before I crossed.

5/25/14:  The mats have been shaved out and it sure is good to be getting air to my skin.  The ticks were pulled off and I had pretty much every species of them.  They did however cause me to end of with two different tick diseases and no one knows how long I have been sick.  I also have an upper respiratory infection and on antibiotics.  Now if all that isn’t bad enough my hips are so painful that I cannot bare for anyone to touch my rear area.  I don’t want to bite anyone but I will because it hurts so bad.  The vet is coming out this week to access my condition because it is to painful for me to get in the van.  This senior fellow is very tired of the misery I have endured over the years from owner neglect.

Union County, SC











5/16/14:  I’m the new boy at ten years old coming into rescue today.  My people are moving and guess they aren’t planning to take me since I was left at the animal shelter.  They didn’t spend any time with me or take care of me very well and I understand I am on my way to a better life.  I can’t wait to get a much needed brushing and a bath.  Please check back to see my pictures after the beauty treatment and updates as the rescue folks get to know me.

These wonderful folks already care about me and helping me get ready for my new home:  Jim Sain, Karen Creager, Susan Huneycutt, Ann Bishop, Sheila Nelson, Kimberlee Rettberg, Audrey Sumner, Danita Morgan, Mary Witul, Eric Oaks, Rebecca Fox, Ann Moyle and David Taylor


Halo (Adopted)

Halo & McConnel's



6/26/14:  Although I cannot see this is the brightest day of my life because I’m going home with Jack and Gloria.  They adopted Jackson who was also blind eight years ago so they have plenty of experience.  I will have Devin, Siberius and Woodrow to play with and they will assist me in getting around.  This is the home everyone has been praying I would have and no doubt I will be in the best of hands.  What a long way I have come and thanks so much to everyone who helped me to progress and believed in me.




Halo 062114 2 Halo 062114










6/21/14:  My training is complete and I am back at Miss Jean’s house.  I am doing absolutely wonderful and follow her all over the yard while she poop scoops.  I am now great on the leash and what a long way I have come with so much more confidence now.  Today we had a birthday party for Emily who volunteers here at the rescue and I got to wear this great hat.








Halo 2 Halo with cart









2/10/14:  Will you just look at me and I am so proud of myself.  I have learned to pull this cart of hay to the pasture so Albert the Ox can have his breakfast.  Then off to Lowe’s we went and I got up on that cart to go for a ride through the store.  I’m pretty much a normal dog now with so much confidence.  When I first came to rescue I was so afraid of what might be happening to me.  I had no idea life for me could be so wonderful.

Halo 10


12/16/13:  Well I am with Claire now and she is teaching me so many things.  Here we are at the pet supply store where I am leaning sit and doing pretty good if I say so.  Thanks everyone that cares about me.











Halo 4

Halo 5












11/23/13:  This little lady is making great progress here and enjoy when the volunteers come and let me lay in their laps.  I have truly learned to enjoy the touch of a human and how loving they can be.  I did well at the beauty shop and had my very first bath.  As you can see the tips of my ears are gone and that is where the flies ate them biting me.  I understand that will never happen again and my life will only get better.  You folks are just wonderful for taking me in and I appreciate it so very much.

Halo & Emily






















11/16/13:  My name is Halo and I am about 2 years old.  I live in a dark and quiet world because I am blind and deaf.  It is the only world I have ever know because I was born this way.  When two merles are bred together they can produce blind and deaf puppies and should never be done.  I have also received very little attention and don’t really know the love of humans.  The volunteers come on Saturday’s to spend time with me and I am really starting to enjoy what I have been missing for so long.  This week I will be going to the groomer to get these horrible mats out of my coat.  Please keep me in your prayers and just hit that donate button if you would like to help with my care.

Thank you Kimberlee Rettberg, Samantha Hjerpe, John Olsakovsky, Vincent Binek, Roberta Braun Curtin, Peter Belardino, Beveraly Hirt, Debora Doney, Deborah Knowles, Carol Lightcap, Kathy Boyes, Karin Bennett, Ginny Young, Kelly Anne Kasheta, Marilyn Mayhew, Kim Rettberg, Susan Chase, Desiree Griffiths, Nathan Kovell, Eric Oaks, Ann M Moyle, Thomas Boardley and Ann L. Bishop for loving me.


Duke (Adopted)

Duke & David

3/15/14:  I had an amazing beginning with recue and now have an amazing leaving.  David who recently retired transported a collie to the rescue on Saturday.  Bobby, his wife has four collies that she participates in doggie sports with.  She had told David that now he need a collie of his own so Miss Jean said he should meet me.  Well don’t you know we hit if off just fine and I went home with David.  In the mornings we go for walks around the pond and I sleep at the foot of the bed.  I have met the other collies here and they have accepted me except Sky thinks I am her puppy.  There is no doubt that I am in the best of hands and not sure how to thank all the people that helped to make this possible for me.  What a long way I have come in six months from almost losing my foot to being a normal collie fellow.  David and I stopped by today on the 22nd our way to a mountain outing so all the volunteers can see how happy I am.  It is amazing how my life has changed and no doubt a collie rescue miracle.  Love you, Duke.



2/9/14:  Here I am cutting up playing with my ball.  I can also play fetch and you can watch my movie at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbSzk3wOYB0&feature=youtu.be.  I have a great big bone to chew on and rarely lick my feet anymore.  I think I am ready for my new home.

Duke 9Duke 8













12/21/13:  Miss Jean says I have to step up to the plate and start acting like a collie.  She let me watch a couple of Lassie movies so I would get the point.  I do see that Lassie did not lick her feet so I am working on this.  Doing pretty well and don’t notice them quite as much since I have other things to do.  I can do this and thanks everyone for sending me positive energy.

Duke 5


















12/14/13:  The lampshade is off and it is up to me now if I am to get over this mutilation of my feet which is basically a habit.  I have worn the cone for over a month but today the other collies helped me to pull it off.  Therefore it will stay off and everyone please keep me in your prayers that I can overcome this.  I can’t go through life wearing a cone and I need these feet to walk on.  It is do or die for me and so far I am doing pretty good but it has only been one day.












11/16/13:  Woo Hoo, I finally found something to take my mind of chewing my feet!  You see it all started when I was bored, out in the yard all by myself.  One day I just started chewing my feet kind of like humans chew their nails and just can’t stop.  It became a comfort sort of thing and maybe OCD so I am having to learn to stop.  As you know any habit is very hard to break but I am trying and until then I will have to wear this cone.  Please keep me in your prayers.

Duke 110313 Duke feet










11/9/13:  After all the trouble the vet went to saving my feet I thought he was a great guy but then he neutered me on Thursday.  As you can imagine this is a bit of a confusing situation for me however I also have my teeth cleaned. Well at least it has deterred me licking my feet having something else that is painful.  However this means I am still wearing the cone.  I have been very spoiled at the vet and now learning some manners and how to behave.  I have received the How To Get Adopted manual and reading up on that.

11/3/13:  Well I am home from the hospital and my feet look so much better.  They still have more healing to do and I have to wear that cone since I won’t leave them alone yet.  However I am to be neutered soon and that might take my mind off my feet.  I sure do appreciate all those folks who care and send me prayers.


 Duke foot

10/24/13: Big news for Duke today from the vet.  He is out of the bandages and no they are no longer needed.  The new tissue is covering the once exposed bone and he is healing rapidly.    He only wore the cone or lampshade when he wasn’t supervised so he would not do more damage and not it is off for good.  He is also off all medicines and no longer needed.  While he is very much loved at the vet he will be coming home on Monday the 28th and will be ready to go to his new home.  Although his paws will never quite look normal the important thing is he can walk on them with no problems.  Duke is such a sweet fellow and would like to thank everyone for their donations while he recovers and the prayers you sent.

10/10/13:  I’m doing wonderful since these pictures were taken and the vet can’t believe how fast my feet are healing.  New tissue is growing around the once exposed bone and the swelling has gone down.  I continue to be so very grateful for all the loving care I am receiving and the folks that have donated to help pay for my medical needs.

9/21/13:  First I would like to thank everyone at Pine Street Animal Hospital for caring about me and calling the collie rescue.  I just arrived today and you probably noticed I have bandages on my feet.  You see for some reason I was constantly licking my paws so my people decided to wrap them in bandages so I couldn’t do it.  The problem is they never took them off and the bandages got wet from the outside therefore my front paws actually rotted.  My folks decided they could not afford my care of keep up with my treatment so they left me at the vet.  They have been taking great care of me and presently I require daily bandage changes with antibiotic ointment.  I do have damaged ligaments and bone exposure but there is healthy tissue beginning to form.  It is possible I could lose a couple of toes or my leg.  I can walk but it does hurt a bit and I have pain medicine for that.  I do have to wear a lampshade so I do not damage them any further or take the bandages off.  After my feet heal I will then need to be neutered.  I am a wonderful, sweet fellow at four years old and please keep me in your prayers.  Also if you would like to help with my care just hit that donate button and let them know it is to help Duke.

I sure do thank these great folks that care about me:  Ann L. Bishop, MaryJo Scarlette, Abbie E Schaub, Marintha Miller, Mary Boggs, Diane Kenned, Susan Burakoff-Hopkins, Joseph Rogers, Karen Brown, Anne White, Kelly Anne Kasheta, Stormie DiCarlo, Marsha Lingley, Tara Ballard, Rebecca Bryant, DeDe Bonhard, Virginia King, Debora Doney, Sheila Nelson, Christina Clark, Carol Lightcap, Marilyn Mayhew, Terri Church, Karen Creager, Gayle Horrell, Karen Brown, Linda Zeiter, Ann M Moyle and Thomas Kreimeier.


In Honor of Laddie


The animal shelter called me about a collie that had been turned into the shelter because he has killed another dog.  You know we take all collies here and all are given a chance so we picked him up.  We kept him in the lot due to his history but it found out the owners had a lot of dogs and Laddie got the blame because he was the largest.  However I was still was sure and did not let him out with the other dogs.  One Saturday a family came to adopt and they had a five year old son.  This little fellow walked out to the dog lot and knelt down if front of Laddie.  Now you need to know when people come to adopt we pay special attention to the children and the collies response to each other.  Jan was here and we weren’t even paying attention to what the parents were saying, we were watching the child with Laddie.  Laddie lied down and they just sat there staring at each other for about five minutes.  The parents kept talking but I’m gong “Jan do you see this?” and yes she was watching.  As the child got up to walk away there were tears streaming down his face and there was no doubt in mind those two had communicated.  Finally I asked the parents had they seen what just happened and they responded they were use to this and he had a way with animals.  They let that day and without adopting however I can’t help but believe their visit was for their son to talk to Laddie.  What a gift I would love to have although most times painful knowing their stories.  Laddie went on to be adopted by Robin and Greg Ungano where he was much love and slept with the cat until he crossed the RainbowBridge.  Laddie is one of the many miracles we see here at the collie rescue.


Lizbeth & Marlie (Adopted)

Evan, Marlie, Lizbeth & Krauss Family



















2/3/13:  Today is a very special day for us and we are going home with Tammy & Robert.  The great news is we get to stay together and Evan is coming with us.  We were really good on the ride to our new home and now we are exploring the yard and settling in.  There is no doubt we will be very much loved and cared for here.  Thanks to everyone that helped to make this possible for us.

 Lizbeth 5   Marlie 5

1/27/13:  We are Lizbeth and Marlie, two 5 year old sisters that love each other very much.  Most of the collies coming here with another make new friends and don’t mind leaving each other.  While we do like playing with the others we do prefer each other.  We have been together all our lives and do everything in unison.  If one drinks the other does, if one rolls over the other rolls over so the rescue folks would prefer we be adopted together.  Since we do everything together it is like really owning one dog but feeding two.  We are housetrained, crate trained and great with children.  This week we went to the vet and were treated for heartworms and as you can see also had a bath.  They had a lot of fun playing with our hair at the vet. So if you would like to wonderful, sweet and beautiful collie girls here we are.


1/6/13:  Hello my name is Lizbeth and I am about 5 years old.  You may have confused me with Tina Turner because of my punked out hair and I can also sing well.  I am a really sweet girl that is housetrained and crate trained although I don’t really need it.  This week I will be going to the beauty shop to get a bath and I will also need heartworm treatment before I can be adopted.  If you would like to help with my care just click the donate button.


1/6/13:  Nice to meet you folks, my name is Marlie and I am about a five year old female collie.  I have a wonderful personality and enjoy being around the other dogs and people.  I am housetrained and crate trained although I don’t really need it.  I have been spayed, vaccinated and this week will be going to the beauty shop for a bath.  I will also have to have heartworm treatment since I have a light case of them.  If you would like to help with my medical care just hit the donate button.

Thank you Laurina Emery-Jacobs, Monica Weitkuhn, Valerie Rothbauer, Mary Washburn,  Kay Tapley and Susan Lynde for caring about us and helping us to get well.

Thank you Karen Grant and Amanda Cox for our baths.


Christian (Adopted)

Christian & McGrath's






















4/6/13:  I have a home and going to Maryland to live with Maureen and Mike.  They loved me the minute they saw my picture and no doubt I was the one for them.  They understand I have just recently lost my sight and now learning to trust humans to help me find my way.  They also have other dogs that I can follow around and learn which way to go.  Thanks to everyone that help me find these folks that have opened their hearts to this blind boy.  Christian






















3/16/13:  Checking in to let you know how things are going here with me.  I am adjusting to being blind and as you can imagine it is a challenge.  People say I have beautiful eyes but I only know they are eyes that can no longer see.  However us dogs don’t let things like this end life for us and we learn to rely on our other senses.  Now I would not do well in a home with a lot of steps but I do fine with the three going off the deck here.  I do like my crate in the house and can find my way to it with no problems.  I’m a quiet kind of guy and not much of a barker.  At two years old and forty pounds I am full grown and a small collie.  My coat is comming back in and I’m all fuzzy.  I hope someone will open their heart and give this wonderful guy a home.  Chris

Christian 2 Christian









1/29/13:  Went to the eye doctor today and my retinas are detached.  Can’t see a thing but my other senses will take over and help me find my way.  Next week I am going to the vet for my heartworm treatment and then I can find a forever home.  Doing well here and have learned the steps going down to the yard and where the door is to get back in.  The most important thing is my tail has started to wag.

1/13/13:  My new name is Christian and I am a young fellow at 2 years old.  I am about the sweetest fellow you will ever meet being very quiet and gentle.  When I went to the animal shelter my coat was so matted they had to shave it off.  I have beautiful blue eyes although they cannot see because I am blind.  It that isn’t enough I have a hernia that will need to be repaired where mom cut the cord to short and a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  I’m doing pretty well here at the rescue and once I learn where everything is you would never know I can’t see.  Miss Jean says there is someone out there for each and every one of us and that my person will come.  Thank you, rescue folks for saving my life and pulling me from the animal shelter.  If you would like to help with my medical needs just click that donate button.  Chris

Thank you Valerie Rothbauer, Marintha Miller, Kelly Anne Kasheta, Monica Weitkuhn, Mary Washburn, Dora Weber, Barbara Minakakis, Edward Settle, Carol Sizemore, Jerry Stoltz and Steve Jarrett for helping with my medical cost.  I never imagined so many people could care about me.


Taylor (Adopted)

Taylor & Settle'sTaylor












1/5/13:  Just when I thought life couldn’t be any better Susanne & Bill came to adopt me.  I never imagined anyone would want a dog like me with so many problems yet they love me already.  They are very special people and what a lucky girl I am.  Also here is a picture of me at my new home in my brand new crate with toys to play with.  There are 3 others here and they are shelties like me so it is good to have friends.  Folks sure have been good to me and I had no idea such a good life was possible for me.  When I am healthy enough I will still have to be treated for the heartworms and also be spayed.  Thanks everyone who helped to save my life and kept me in their prayers.

Taylor 12152012

12/22/12:  I continue to get better and much more active now.  My skin is no longer greasy and so much more pink and healthy.  Today I even did a play dance with the others and ran around the yard.  Yep I’m on my way back to good health and it is because so many people care.


12/16/12: Looking a little better and sure am feeling better these days.  I have so much more energy and enjoy spending time outside when it is warm.  I have coats of all kinds to wear that nice people sent me.  Thank you folks for not giving up on me and your prayers.





12/01/12:  This week I went to the vet for some medical work.  The skin scraping showed no mange mites and the treatment worked.  I also had bloodwork that revealed my thyroid to be very low so I have started medicine for that.  They also found out I have heartworms that will need to be treated when I am healthy again and I know that day will come.  My eyes are much clearer now, my hair is growing back and my tail is wagging.  Tom & Sharon brought me the raw diet dog food and will help me to get nutrition faster.  I have to say I sure do love it and eat every bite.  Folks have sent me some very nice sweaters to wear so I can stay outside longer and enjoy the yard a little more.  I have receive blankets for my crate and it’s like I have my own fan club.

11/24/12:  It isn’t easy to get a picture of me outside because I pretty much go out to do my business and back inside where it is warm.  As you can see my hair is growing back and my legs are now covered.  It kind of itches though like when a man is growing a beard or a woman needs to shave her legs.  My skin is now a very nice pink and no longer red and angry anymore.  All my life no one has cared about me and now there are so many folks that have donated toward my care.  I can’t believe so many people want to help me get well.  Thank you so much for this warm bed I have and mostly for the love you send.  It must be Christmas Magic!

11/3/12:  There is no doubt that I am on my way to a better life and in the best of hands with you folks.  Can you believe I have my very own bed to curl up in and keep me warm?  So far I have been wormed and treated for the mange.  You can see the dead skin has started to fall off and although it looks pink and irritated the mites are dying.  I don’t itch near as much and starting to feel better.  We will just have to wait for the medicine to take its course.  As I get healthier I will receive the rest of my medical treatment like vaccinations and spay.  I’m a sweet little girl and no problem with the housetraining.  I am amazed at all the folks that care about me and helping with my care.  Thank you for saving my life.

























10/30/12:  I know I’m not pretty to look at right now because the sarpotic mange has really taken a toll on my skin.  I am so lucky to be here at the rescue and it because when I saw this little girl I took a chance and went to her for help.  She wasn’t put off by my looks or scared of me.  She and her father called the rescue and gave me a ride.  Last night the temperature went down to 36 and I would not have made it through the night.  Therefore my new name is Taylor after the one who saved me.  Please check in to see my progress and me become beautiful and healthy again.  If you would like to help with my care just hit that donate button.

Thank you Marintha Miller, Linda Plante, Susan King, Darlene Welch, Eddie Brown, Jodi Swartz, Laurina Emery-Jacobs, Jackie Mongan, Roberta Healy, Christina Clark, Lesley Rivers, Gordon McDonnell, Brian Wilcox, Susan & James Ellis, Linda Emmerson, Merry Day, Susan Campbell, Billy Kasheta, David Taylor, Kathy Boyes, Virginia King, Richard & Marilyn Capps, Marilyn Mayhew, Valerie Rothbauer, Mount Eve Keepsakes, Jamie Curran, Angelo Massari, Angela Oaks, Mark Filippelli, Evan Novitsky,  Carol Fant, Virginia Coile, Brenda Rewalt and Kay Tapley for donating toward my care.


Greta (Adopted)


12/10/12:  Finally I am ready to go home with Judy and Bo.  They adopted me four months ago but I had to have heartworm treatment first and then I had the surprise litter of puppies.  They have been checking in to see how I am doing and visiting when they could.  I sure was glad to see them today and ready to start my new life just asCashmereand Angus have.  I know I have hit the good life because they have adopted many collies from the rescue over the years.  It was really my lucky day when I went to that animal shelter and Mikki came to pick me up.  I know Kitty and Diesel will find good homes just as we have.  Thanks everyone so much.



On Sunday the 21st I gave the rescue folks a big surprise when I delivered four puppies.  I was adopted some time ago but had to have my heartworm treatment then be spayed before leaving.  Well the spay appointment has been canceled at least for a few months any way.  Miss Jean let my new people know they now have grandchildren.  I am a single mother and their papa was a rolling stone, wherever he laid his hat was his home.  You know the song and the rescue folks have no idea what breed their dad was.  Here are pictures of the kids with two girls and two boys at 4 days old and I hope they find good homes like I have.  Please check back to see them change over the coming weeks.













10/20/12:  My name is Greta and I a three year old collie girl that was at the animal shelter.  I am the most gentle, kind and easy going girl you will ever meet.  There is not an aggressive bone in my body and not much on barking unless I need to go to the bathroom.  I love all humans big or small and great with the other dogs.  I had a light case of heartworms that have been treated and will be spayed this coming week.  I am housetrained and crate trained but do not need a crate preferring a doggie bed.



Thank you Greta Duckett, Kelly Anne Kasheta and Terese Bernstein for donating toward our care.


Rhett (Adopted)


7/28/12:  Finally my day has come and I am in my new home with Michele.  She is a vet so you know I will be receiving the best of care.  Here is a picture of me at home with my two girlfriend’s River who also came from the hording situation and Willow.  We also have cats here and some little critters called chinchilla’s.  I’m doing really well and fitting in just great.  I would like to thank everyone that kept me in their prayers and helped me to find Michele.  My life has gotten better and better since the day the rescue picked me up!  Rhett now Zack


7/21/12:  People coming to adopt a collie visit every weekend and no one seems to even notice me.  How they miss out on this fun loving, sweet fellow I just can’t figure out.  I am the last collie from the hoarding situation and have been here since January.  I have been neutered, treated for a light case of heartworms and had my teeth cleaned.  I have watched many collies come and go but my people don’t seem to know I am here.  Don’t get me wrong this is a great place where I am happy but I would like a home of my home like the others have.  It is the rescue dream and when we come here they tell us our lives will only get better.  I want a chance at that dream and a family please!






 3/3/12:  My new name is Rhett because I am so swave and deboner just like that Butler fellow in the movies.  I have an outgoing personality, a happy fellow loving this new wonderful life.  All my medical work has been completed, housetrained and crate trained.  Pretty good on the leash, love children, the other dogs and cats are ok also.

 1/23/12:  Tri, male collie at about 6 years old:  I am in rescue because my owner is elderly and very sick.  Before she crosses the Rainbow Bridge she wanted to make sure I was in a safe place so contacted the rescue folks.  I was well fed, never abused and just neglected.  She was not what you would call a breeder because she never sold puppies and kept all of us.  I am one of thirty-one coming to rescue.  Since I was well socialized as a puppy I am quickly learning to love being petted and to interact with humans again.  Thank you rescue folks for stepping in to find me a forever home!

 I have a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  If you would like to help with my medical cost just hit the donate button.

My bath was sponsered by Kathi Shiff

Thank you Sean May and Susan King for donating toward my care!



Steeler (Adopted)

7/14/12:  Today Jim came to meet the collies and he originally thought he wanted a younger collie until he met me.  My new name is going to be Prayer because Jim says I am the answer to the many prayers he said for a faithful companion.  Jim and I live on a large farm and I follow him every where.  Looks like my prayer has been answered also!










 7/7/12:  Thanks to the folks that donated toward my heartworm treatment and doing well now that it is completed.  This coming week I am going to be neutered and then I will be ready to go to my new home.

 5/12/12:  They call me Steeler and like the Cowboy I think it has something to do with football but don’t really understand.  I am a tri color, male collie and my date of birth is 8/28/03.  My coat wasn’t as bad as the Cowboy’s so I didn’t have to be shaved.  I have only been here a couple of days and understand I will have my teeth cleaned and be neutered before going to my forever home.  Unfortunately I also have heartworms that will need to be treated.  I am in great health but due to my age the rescue would like to place me in what they call a permanent foster home.  This is where the rescue will pay for all my medical needs and all you have to do is love me the rest of my life.  If you would like to help with my medical needs just hit that donate button and say it is for me.

My grooming was sponsered by Amanda Cox

Thanks to Rosemary Foley for donating toward my medical needs.


Lassie Is Home (Adopted)

4/14/12:  Hi folks my name is Lassie and I just came into rescue yesterday.  My person was disabled and we did not have a fenced yard so I kind of just roamed the neighborhood.  The neighbor started complaining and mom didn’t want to tie me up so she felt it was best to find me a new home.  She loved me very much but put my best interest before her feelings and gave me a new family.  Mom wrote an informative note for the adopters about how much I love cheeseburgers and to ride in the car.  Well Miss Jan came today to meet the collies and decided I would be a good fit for her family which includes two male dogs.  On the way to my new home we stopped and got a cheeseburger so I believe this is going to be good with me.  Miss Jean let my other mom know I am in good hands and will be very much loved.  Thank you collie rescue folks for being there for me when I needed you.


Landon & Max (Adopted)



4/15/12:  Well here is a story for you, we were adopted out to different families.  However we just were not adjusting to our new homes so we came back to the rescue on Saturday.  We sure were glad to see each other since we are family and the rescue folks all realized we needed a home together.  Well Lt.Col Russell B Turpin USMC ret came on Sunday to meet the collies and Miss Jean was sure he was going to take Rhett.  However after meeting all of us he decided he would take the both of us although the wife might kill him.  We rode home safely in the car with no problems and Mrs. Turpin has fallen if love with us and didn’t kill Mr. Turpin.  I am sleeping in the closet where I am comfortable and Tanner is sleeping in the bed.  The Turpin’s realize it is going to take time for us to feel comfortable, know this is our home and we aren’t going anywhere.  In the mean time we are happy to be back on a farm and walking the pasture with Mr. Turpin.  Miss Jean always says things happen for us for a reason


4/8/12:  My name is Landon but they call me Bubba because I have one ear up and one down.  I am about three years old and a shy fellow that prefers females because I haven’t spent much time around men.  I am housetrained and crated trained so no problems there.


Adele (Adopted)


4/18/12:  It’s my turn to leave and my babies are old enough to find homes of their own.  I’m at my new home with Mary Jane and we live in Georgia.  After meeting me it was clear she had her heart set on me.  Miss Jean has learned to trust her instincts so I went home with Mary Jane who understands it is going to take me a while to learn this new, wonderful life and accept it.  The cat and I are doing fine together and I am keeping the squirrels out of the yard.  Thank you rescue folks for taking me in and letting my babies be born in safety and finding them good homes where they will be loved.  Adele





10/18/12:  My new name is Adele and I like it because it means noble, kind and tender.  I have been an outstanding mom to my boys and girls.  My babies will be seven weeks old tomorrow and I have almost weaned them.  They are all spoken for and it is time for me to find my forever home.  Once my milk dries up I will be spayed and ready to go.  I sure am enjoying time away from the children and having a good run with the others in the yard.  I am about three years old and please check back to see my progress.

Enclosing a couple pictures of the kids and they are beauties if I do say so myself.














 2/19/12:  Our mom came from the hoarding situation and she was to far along to be spayed so we were born on 1/31/12.  We were 4 sable males and 4 tri girls and unfortunately as things happen two of them boys did not make it and one of the girls.  Our mom is wonderful and she takes very good care of us.  We are so lucky to be born into a different situation and will go to homes where we will know love and care.  Us puppies are spoken for and mom will need a home when we are weaned.    Looks like that will be about the middle of April.


Tobias (Special Adoption)

1/1/12:  Toby starts off the new year as our first adoption and it is a special one.  The Blackman’s had contacted the rescue they were ready to add another collie to their family.  When I came in from the shelter picked up as a stray they knew I was the one for them.  Therefore I never made it to the available page on the website.  I know all my commands, neutered, heartworm negative with an outstanding personality.  There is no doubt I had been very much loved and card for.  The Blackman’s took me home and you can see how proud I am by my picture.


Now you are probably wondering why my adoption is so special.  It was back in 2009 about this same time of year when the Blackman’s adopted Scarlett.  She was obedience trained and a therapy dog.  The rescue knew she would be a great fit for the Blackman’s so Scarlett never made it to the website either.   It was a special Christmas for my new family and the rescue folks delivered her on Christmas day with a big red bow.



Sadly little Lilly lost her battle with cancer this year and I will not get to meet her in person.  However her spirit is here in the hearts of the ones that loved her so I will know her through them.



Shanna (Adopted)


3/3/12:  It is time for me to say goodbye and I am going home with the Lotz family.  When they came to visit I was the only one they wanted to meet and I immediately liked them which is rare for me.  Yep I knew they were the ones even though this very southern girl is going north.  As the only dog I will have all the attention and they will let me sleep in the bed.  There is no doubt I will be spoiled rotten and much loved.  I’m going to miss Jean even though I found out calling me that old bag really isn’t sweet.  I want to thank all my fans for believing in me and that I would find the right home.








2/25/12:  Uh Oh got caught without my disguise and you have to admit I am looking pretty good.  My hair has grown back and I am no longer naked.  Miss Jean calls me “That Old Bag” and I think it means something really sweet.  There was a thunder storm the other night and she was a bit upset when I tried to sleep on her head.  However she sure doesn’t mind poking those cold feet under me to get them warm.  I know you are all thinking I will probably stay here but Miss Jean says I could have so much more attention if I had my own home.  That might suit me because I like attention but ii will have to be the right people.  I will know when they come.







12/23/11:  I found this great disguise so no one will know who I am.  When people come to meet the collies I will just put on this wig so they will think I am a poodle or maybe Shirley Temple.  On the good ship lollipop, Its a night trip into bed you hop, And dream away, On the good ship lollipop.










11/24/11:  Finally getting a minute on the computer to let you know how I am doing.  After reading my story you know I have wormed my way into Miss Jean’s room and also her bed.  Now I am going to let you in on a secret and please don’t tell.  I have no intention of going anywhere and I hide in the bushes when people come to adopt.  With so many here right now she usually forgets to look for me.  It would have to be some really special folks for me to want to leave this good life.  I will keep you posted on the progress here when I can get computer time.  PS:  I can see just fine and thought the glasses would make me look smarter.






9/4/11:  Miss Jean has six dogs of her own that sleep in her room.  However I have now joined the group and I just can’t ell you how much I love this big bed.  Her other dogs aren’t very happy about me planting myself on a pillow and taking their spot.  If you have one of these beds and wouldn’t mind sharing it with a snuggle bunny, I’m your girl.  By the way I have never had an accident in the house and will let you know when I need to go out.  Now Tallulah the westie and I have become good friends and we love chasing each other around the yard.  Here is a short movie of the two of us playing.  http://youtu.be/Co4dQhs3GEk 

8/19/11:  Uh, wait a minute folks.  I am rethinking my position about not coming in the house since I found this great bed.  Do all humans have these in their houses and if they do I would like that very much.  Now that I think about it the house is so much cooler and I never knew it could be so great having spent my entire life outside.  I have no problem with housetraining and know where that is to be done.  I love all humans and children that come to visit.  I am also a very good watch dog and will let you know when a stranger comes around.  My coat was shaved before coming into the rescue but it will grow back soon enough. 

7/30/11:  Pleased to meet you and my name is Shanna.  I am about seven years old and one sweet girl.  Some folks found me as a stray and gave me this really cool haircut that allows everyone to see my beautiful collar.  Now although I have very good house manners I am pretty much a country girl and prefer to be outdoors.  I like to come in the house to eat and take a nap to get out of the heat but I prefer to sleep outside.  It doesn’t matter if it is raining or thunder storming I’m just an outdoor kind of girl.


Princess & Jo Jo (Adopted)

11/19/11:  We have been together all our lives for nine years.  Our family got divorced and seems no one wanted the collies.  They moved off and left us in a dog lot where we have always been.  Their parents came to feed the us and contacted the shelter who contacted rescue.  We received vaccinations and thank goodness the heartworm test were negative. 

11/20/11:  Can you believe it, when Irene heard about us she called immediately to say we could have a home with her.  We are going to stay together and she came to pick us up today.  We put on our fancy new car harness and headed off.  This is going to be a real home where there is love and care.  How could we ever thank the people that made this possible for the two of us, I just don’t know.


Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas

Collie Rescue Christmas

An amazing chain of events brought about this Christmas Miracle.  Back in October a family contacted rescue about taking in their collie, Scarlett.    During this time they were trying their best to keep her however the husband works out of town and the wife is expecting their second child.  Finally Friday the 18th they decided it was time to bring Scarlett and let her find a new home.  I was assured Scarlett was a special girl and also a certified therapy dog.

Saturday afternoon I placed Scarlett’s picture on our website and thirty minutes later an application came in from the Blackmans.   They have two daughters, Anna eight and Lilly five.  As I read over the application the tears started to pour and knew God’s hand was truly at work again.   You see, Lilly is neutropenic (low immune system post chemotherapy) right now and here is Scarlett looking for a job where she can use her skills.

Tuesday the 22nd, Gray took Scarlett to meet the family and make sure she would be a good fit.  However there was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that this was meant to be.  This Christmas day Cindy and I had the privilege of taking Scarlett to her new home.  We were so lucky to play apart in this Christmas Miracle.


Diana (white) & Madelyn (blue merle)

Diana (white) & Madelyn (blue merle)

3/20/10  Considering purchasing a puppy, please take a good look at the mothers they could possibly have.  To look at us you would never guess we are only three years old or that we are even collies.  Oh you would never see us when you visit or you would realize your new puppy may not be healthy.  You will be shown the healthier dogs and told they are the parents. Sometimes people purchase puppies because they feel sorry for them in their environment. We do not want our babies to stay here, however the more they sell the more we have to keep producing. A responsible breeder will check your references and will provide theirs.  They will also provide an eye check, health certificate and require a contract. 

By the grace of God we managed to get out of there.  When we finally became so ill from eating potatoes and rice all our life we were given away.  The folks that took us immediately brought us to collie rescue.  If you would like to help with our care just hit that donate button or click Help on the website for our address.












3/27/10  Oh my gosh, they have meat here and people have been bringing us chicken, beef roast and fresh fish.  Mr. Gray cooks it up for us and we get a little several times per day because our bodies are starved for protein.  We have nice doggie beds to lie on and this is just like a hotel with room service too!  Today folks came to pet and love the collies.  Ron and Pennie spent hours rubbing and petting us.  Is this Heaven? 


  4/1/10  This week five new collies came into rescue.  Our health is improving and spaces were needed in the lots so we have joined the group.  We are doing great, getting along with the others and enjoying the fenced yard.  Can you believe it, we are now HOUSE DOGS?  Just when we thougt life couldn’t be any better there was more to come.  Although we have never been in a house we love it already and not problem with that training thing.  We are putting all our trust in you rescue folks and we love you! 

4/4/10  Yesterday things took a turn for the worse and we were given what is called baths.  We have never had one of these and it was very scary when the water was put on.  Then came the medicated shampoo with lots of rubs and massaging.  It felt so good and we knew we were beautiful afterward.  We started running and strutting through the yard and hopefully you can see our improvement.  Our hair has started to come back in and we are feeling so much healthier.  We had our beauty treatment, treated like queens and starting to love life.  Uh, Di-iiii-aaaa-na would like to know why Miss Jean calls her billy?

4/12/10  We went to the vet today for bloodwork which was really good.  Also had a skin scrape and they only found one dead demodex mite on each of us. The vet is so happy with our progress we are going to be spayed tomorrow.  They will also cut our toenails back and cauterize them.  We will be on pain meds when we come home and all the bad stuff will be out of the way.  It suits us fine not to birth any more puppies and these toenails make it hard for us to run with the others.  Can you imagine us going to a vet and receiving medical care when we never imagined there was such a place.  Thanks everyone for loving us!

5/16/10  Thought you guys might like to see us in action so Miss Jean made a short movie of us today.  It is amazing to see us run when we could barely walk when we first got here.  John came today to take our pictures and that Diana squeals like a pig when people are here to pet her.   She is the entire barnyard, looks like a goat, chicken feet and squeals like a pig, lol.  Please watch our movie by clicking on the below link.


5/22/10  The nerve of that KANGROO calling me a barnyard animal.  Today we got more medicated baths and have really come to enjoy them.  I’m growing hair on my face now although it looks more like unwanted body hair.  Here are some new pictures of us so you can see our progress.


  5/31/10  Well folks it is time for me to say Good Bye and I am on my way to a new life with Chuck, Sandra and MacIntosh the collie boy.  The Nail’s came to meet me about a month ago and Miss Jean wanted me to stay a while longer to make sure I was on the way to recovery.  They kept saying how beautiful I am and that one day I will look like Mac.  All it will take is a lot of love and care.  I told Madelyn I was going to live in the white house but that wasn’t quite true.  My new dad just works there but she doesn’t know.

 How can I ever express my thanks to you folks for saving my life and showing this collie girl how great humans can be.  Please keep the others in that horrible place in your prayers and I wish they could get out like we did.

Madelyn, I love you sister and your people will for you just as mine have come for me.  This is the life we should have always had although we never knew.

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Maddie: Permanent Foster

10/30/10  Today was my day to get my very own home with Ann, Bill and their collie Marq as a perment foster collie.  They have a nice big deck, and woods, and lots of space for me to take walks and wander around.  I am sleeping and eating well; I’ve got a new bed, but I like Marq’s bed in the kitchen.  They also have a bucket full of bones and other toys for me to play with on their screened porch where they have a second dog bed for me and for Marq.  I have truly found the good life and want to thank all of the people responsible for helping me.  Maddie

If you would like to help with my care just hit the donate button and specify it is for me, Maddie.

9/10/10  If you folks are thinking I am a senior citizen well I’m not.  I have no problems getting up or down and don’t pee my pants like some older girls do.  There are a lot of youngsters here in rescue and as the matriarch I keep them in line.  I guess you could call me the play police and I make sure everyone is playing nicely.  When I am not baby sitting I like being by you side.

 8/2/10  Doing great here and slimming down, however being on a diet stinks. My butt doesn’t look big does it? I’m feeling so much better since my ears have cleared up and my coat has started to grown back.  I’m about the sweetest girl you will ever meet and really enjoy being by your side.  I am housetrained, don’t need a crate and love everyone even the cat.  Us seniors are a lot of fun because we are like puppies without all the bad habits.

 7/11/10 My name is Maddie ten years old and here is my story.  I was adopted in 2004 when my person lived in North Carolina.  Since that time we moved to Arkansas and I was having some problems with my ears.  She decided to let me come back to rescue where I can receive the care I need.  My home coming was a true miracle by many helping hands participating in my journey to NC.  If you can just imagine, all this happened in just four days.  Brenda set everything up and Henry from Pilots N Paws volunteered to fly me to Davidson, NC.  David picked me up at Brenda’s house and brought me to Miss Jean’s.

I have been to the vet, received medicine for my ears and on a twice daily thyroid pill.  Folks if you can imagine I weight 98 pounds and need to lose about 30.  I am on the green bean diet which I love.  The rescue would like to place me in a permanent foster home.  This is where they will pay my medical bills within reason and all you have to do is love and feed me.  I will need to stay on my diet and daily walks would be good for me.  Please contact the rescue about this program.  If you would like to donate to our senior fund just hit the button below.

Thank you Agnes Eichmann and Scott Perman  for donating toward my care.