Auggie (Available)










5/23/17: Today I came home from the vet and my wounds are almost completely healed. I’m a sweet little guy at 10 years old and about 48 pounds. I rarely bark and will follow you everywhere.









5/10/17: Finally arrived here from SC and went straight to the rescue veterinarian where I am receiving laser treatments to help my wounds heal. They are real good to me here and I get special treats.









5/1/17: I was found lying in a lake with bite marks all over my rear. I was immediately taken to the Humane Society and they called the vet. No one knows what bit me for sure but the vet thinks it was a snake. I needed extensive care and will go to collie rescue when I am healthy enough for the ride.

I would like to thank all the folks who played a part in helping me.


Safari (Available)



5/21/17:  Had a nice medicated bath yesterday and I feel so much better.  I am much fluffier now and my skin doesn’t itch as much.  See the difference in my before and after picture.  I mostly sleep a lot and love the dog bed.  My appetite is good and take my medicine like a good girl.









5/18/17: I’m a senior lady at about 12 and just arrived from the animals shelter yesterday. It was my lucky day they picked me up as a stray and it has been a long time since I have known any care. My eyes are infection, my skin and ears are infected with yeast. I know I stink pretty bad but I have been smelling it so long I don’t notice much anymore. My body itches all over, hurts all over and my breast have mammary tumors. The good news is I do not have heartworms and I am very glad to be here at the rescue with a soft bed to lay on. The shelter sent lots of medicines for me and I will get a medicated bath on Saturday. Tuesday I will go to the vet for some bloodwork and a good check over. Thanks all you folks that care about us collies.










Thank you Celes Jones, Barbara Minakakis, MPE, LLC, George Jensen, Karen Brown, Carolyn Ladd, Helen Kline, Melissa Stone, Kimberly Agzigian, Ellen Bonus, Merry Day and Maria Maxell for your prayers and helping with my medical cost.


Pluto (Adopted)


5/15/2017: Can you believe I am on my way to Canada? Yep and I am their second adoption from collie rescue. Once we get there I will meet Fox who will be my big brother and my new parents. Erin is a veterinarian and I’m staying with her until we start on our long journey. I enjoy riding in the car and am a good boy staying in my seat. Can’t wait to run in the rolling meadows and see all the snow. I am so happy and thanks everyone that helped to make this possible for me.













5/14/17: I’m here at the rescue because my person did not have enough time for me. I am a one year old mix fellow that is mostly collie and a very smart guy. I am housetrained, crate trained and learning the basic commands. I’m great with the other dogs big or small and have a wonderful personality.


Mae (Available)










5/21/17:  Well I have been at the vet on bed rest most of the week because I fractured my leg some how.  It is healing quickly and the swelling has gone down.  I have started to gain weight and guess I was just feeling a little to good.









5/14/17: My name is Mae and I am a 6 year old blue merle girl. My folks were getting divorced and was going to take me to the pound if no one stepped up to take me. Thank goodness Tandy immediately contacted the rescue and my new life starts today. Anyway I am very underweight at 39 pounds so I get extra special food. I’m a very sweet girl that is housetrained and love everyone. I will be spay as soon as I am healthy enough for the surgery.

Thank you Carolyn Crutchfield, Jeryl Stoltz and Deena Hilbert for helping with my medical care.


Micky (Available)










5/7/17: Just arrived on Friday and I am a 6 year old Shetland Sheep dog at 87 pounds. My person had to go into a nursing home because he could no longer care for either of us. He loved me very much and wanted to make sure I was in a safe place. We pretty much ate the same food and how I gained so much weight. We lived in an apartment so I didn’t get much exercise. Being so heavy I can hardly sit up and have to either stand or lay down. I am on a diet now although I don’t much care for it but enjoy walking around in the fenced yard. I’m a sweet, little guy and housetrained also.

Thank you Debra Shuman and Jamie Bodenmiller for helping with my medical needs.


Princess (Adopted)









5/20/17: The Jarrett’s came to take me home today and I am so excited to start my new life with them. I will be their 3rd adoption from the rescue and they really love us senior ladies. This is my new pal Lilly in the picture with me and we will be great friends. Once we arrived home I quickly made myself at home on the comfy couch. Yep, this is going to be fine with me and they love me already.









4/30/17: My mom is going through horrible times with everything changing in our home. Right now she just felt I would be happier in another home although it hurt her very much to let me go. I’m doing good here at the rescue and like to sleep on the bed. I am a ten year old girl at about 53 pounds and in very good health. I am housetrained and a little scared of loud noises.

Thank you Jeryl Stoltz  for helping with my medical care.


Jager (Adopted)


4/22/17: I’m going home with Marie and she understands that I am a bit of a shy fellow. Once we were home I slipped my collar getting out of the car and was on the run for 3 days. Everyone in the neighborhood helped to look for me but it was the mailman that let Marie know immediately when he saw me. So now I am finally in my home and starting to trust. Stan and Marie will love me very much and make sure I am safe.















4/4/17: I’m here at the collie rescue because my person passed away. He was so good to me and found me as a stray about 2 years ago when I was cold, hungry and scared. I am now 4 years old and 93 pounds with a bad haircut. I’m a mild mannered kind of fellow that gets along with the others fine. Tile and concrete floors feel funny under my feet and don’t like to walk on it. They are putting down towels for me until I get used to them. Yes I know I am named after alcohol but Jager is better than Goldensloger and I do know my name.

Thank you Susan Veld for helping with my medical needs.


Allman (Adopted)


4/2/17: Going home today with the Beavan’s and they say I have already brought so much joy to their lives. I am their 2nd adoption from the collie rescue and they have been missing having a collie since Rocky passed. We are going for walks together and I am being a very good boy. I have really hit the jackpot with Rick and Anne.
















3/27/17: Bette and I were part of a 10 dog seizure by animal control. Since we are collies we came to the collie rescue. The rescue is guessing me to be about three years old. I’m a small fellow at 30 pounds but I do need to gain about 5 pounds. I’m getting lots of good food here however I will never be a big collie. I’m a sweet, little fellow that already knows sit. The rescue folks are still getting to know my personality.


Cutty (Adopted)









4/14/17: Just when I thought live could not get any belter I am now going home with Scott. He has adopted many senior collies over the years and my new pal Goose in the picture. So far I have learned to go in and out the doggie door and Scott let’s me sleep on the bed. My foot continues to heal nicely and I have truly hit the good life. Thanks to everyone that donated to help with my medical needs.









4/12/17: My foot is healing nicely and I’m going home on Thursday. While I have enjoyed all the special attention at the vet I’m ready to start looking for my permanent home.









3/20/17: I’ve had a stroke of bad luck with something poisonous biting my foot when I stepped on it. It made my foot swell up with the skin is falling off and very painful. I have been at the vet all week getting foot soaks, antibiotics and laser treatments to help make new, healthy tissue. I get to wear this cool sun glasses while the laser treatments are being done.  They are very nice to me here and I get special attention. My foot is starting to heal and I can now put weight on it. If you would like to help with my medical care just hit that donate button.









3/14/17: Feeling so much better after by bath and I really got the spa treatment. The ladies that bathed me were so gentle but sad as the water ran red from all the flea poop on my skin. I feel so bad that when the bath was over I shook to get the water off and slung dead tape worms into the ladies hair. Needless to say she screamed and went home to give herself a bath. With those long toenails gone I can walk so much better but overtime they have caused my feet to splay or be flat. My blood work was good and I will be neutered in 2 weeks. Teeth are in good shape and no need for a dental. Thank goodness I do not have heartworms or any tick disease. I’m looking forward to my new home.









3/13/17: I’m a 9 year old fellow at about 70 pounds and here at the rescue because my owner passed away. My toenails are so long they curl around and I have a huge hot spot on my back from me biting at those fleas. Headed to the vet tomorrow for a medicated bath, blood work and a nail trim. It will feel so good to be able to walk normal again and have my skin clean of the flea dirt. If my blood work is good I will be neutered and have my teeth cleaned later. I’m a very sweet guy and would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you Robert Blumenthal, Ann Bishop, Joelle Weltzin, Vincent Cooper, Under The Maples, Michele Lane, Andrea Brewer, Deena Cuda, Anita Van Lew, Helen Kline, Dave Broich, Shirley Braden, Anne White, Kim E. Moore, Carol Lightcap, Merry Day, Alice Howe, Susan Veld, Pamela Ensley, Cheryl Fluckiger, Hollis Kerfoot, Maria Maxwell, Gale Davis, Cheryl Damm, Anita Price, Elizabeth Kintzing , Claudia Kelley, Virginia Coile, Michael Lane, Carol Roodhouse, Barbara Crockett, Jenny’s Cause 4 Paws, Amber Knapp, Sylvia Montgomery, Patricia Godwin, Lizabeth Meyer, Gilbert Olvera, Dubble B Lures, Eugene Williams, Charles and Celes Jones, James Silverstorf  and Susan Hopkins for helping with my medical cost and caring about me.,


Bette (Adopted)


4/1/17: Looks like I am going to be a lap dog just like I wanted. Since going home with the Brown’s I have taken over the recliner and getting so much love. I also have Duncan that is also a collie to play with and show me the ropes. Thanks everyone who help me to find this home with Ed and Gerta.
















3/27/17: Allman and I were part of a 10 dog seizure by animal control. Since we are collies we came to the collie rescue. The rescue is guessing me to be about three years old and may have recently had a litter. I’m a tiny girl at only 25 pounds and so very skinny. I need to gain about 10 pounds so I’m getting lots of good food here however I will never be a big collie. I’m a bit needy and would very much like to be a lap dog. The rescue folks are still getting to know my personality.

Thank you Michele Ewing for helping this little girl.


Bo (Adopted)


3/9/17: Starting my new life today with the Clark’s. I am loving my new home and my new little sister who is ten. She sure loves a good run around the yard but she is the boss and I respect that. I’m getting to know his house and yard really well and I sure am glad to have found this wonderful home with Tony and Becky.
















3/4/17: Here I am at the rescue because my owners were older folks. We didn’t have a fence so I was roaming the neighborhood and the neighbors didn’t like that. I am a one year old fellow that is housetrained and will be neutered next week.

Thank you Kimberly Agzigian  for donating to help me.


Atticus (Adopted)


3/15/17: Anita came to take me home today and my new name will be Fenn. David kept me company on the long ride home and I was a good boy. Once we were home I met Ellie Pearl and Emma Rose. They will play with me and teach me the things I will need to learn growing up. We are already signed up for puppy classes and Anita is already finding out how smart I am. Yep, that was my lucky day I went to the animal shelter or I might not have found this great home.














3/7/17:  I’m the best little fellow with a sweet personality.  I sleep quietly all night and have had no accidents in my crate.  I get along great with the other collies and even that sheep.









3/2/17: Just arrived today with my brother Pacino and mom Asya. Our folks took us to the animal shelter and never came back. I am a 4 month old, tri, smooth fellow.


Asya (Adopted)


3/5/17: What a great family I have found and going home with the DeNauro’s. I will have a collie friend to play with and the little dog is my puppy. We made it home safely and I am getting used to this wonderful life. Thanks everyone who helped me to find them.









3/4/17:  The volunteers got to know me a little better today and found out I am very well trained.  I know sit, down, heel on or off the leash and would make a wonderful therapy dog.  Needless to say they all fell in love with me.















3/2/17: I am a 7 year old, tri, smooth collie girl at about 55 pounds. Atticus and Pacino are my boys and our people took us to the animal shelter. I just arrived today and the volunteers are getting to know me but one thing is for sure that I will not be having any more babies. I’m being spay next week.


Rocky (Adopted)


3/6/17: We are two happy guys and I am going home with Vincent today. He sure knows a great collie when he sees one and drove all the way from Wisconsin to meet me. We will do some bonding on the long trip home and other guy things. Vincent is exactly the person I was looking for and thanks everyone that helped to make this possible.















2/26/17:  Will you just look at me now after my grooming and bath.  I am feeling so much better and know I am beautiful.  Really am enjoying the freedom of running in the fenced yard and playing with the others here.



2/19/17: I’m here at the rescue because my owner was elderly and could no longer care for me. A very nice fellow gave me a ride to the collie rescue and my life so I can have a real home with love and care. This is where I have lived all my life, in a pen with no shelter. Yes I had a dog house but after adopting a kitten I let her have the house. Yesterday the volunteers worked on getting some of the mats out and I got a good brushing. Tuesday I will be going for a much needed bath, dental and neuter. I am a very sweet fellow that just turned 7 years old in January and 72 pounds.


Derby (Adopted)


5/14/17: I HAVE A HOME and the Sanders were able to see my collie heart. This is my new, little brother in the picture and his name is Hairy Truman. We are about the same age and he was adopted also.  He is used to big dogs and I am used to small ones. Since getting home I have taken over his little mini bed but he doesn’t seem to mind. I going to be fine with Larry and Antoinette and thanks everyone who worked with me to get over my fear of men.















4/5/17: I’m hoping with this wig I will look more like a collie for you folks. I have the heart of a collie but you can’t see my heart unless you meet me. I have been working so hard on my training and we go to Lowes Hardware once a week where I meet men. They all want to help me get over my fear and give me lots of treats. I’m still a little unsure but doing so much better learning men can be nice too.









3/14/17: Met this creature today and was a little afraid of her with all that jerking and jumping around she does. My DNA says I am 50% collie (mom) and 50% American Staffordshire Terrier (dad). Since I look so much like dad you would probably think I would mostly have his nature but I don’t. You see I am afraid of men because they can be loud and scary. When I see them I tuck my tail in and try to hide or get away. I’m ok with young boys though and not afraid of them. The men that come to the rescue are working with me on this but I would really like a home with a woman that needs me. I am the most gentle fellow you will ever meet and so very smart.




1/5/17:  Here I am on the way home from being neutered.  I ride very well in the car and like to look out the window.



















12/30/16:  You are probably going “WOW” what is that fellow doing on the collie rescue page? Well actually my mom was a collie but it seems I got all of dads bulldog looks. However I got moms personality. A sweet, gentle fellow that even likes cats and chickens. I am 2 ½ years old and about 80 pounds. Pretty good on the leash, housetrained and crate trained. Ziggy and I came into the rescue together. I going this week to be neutered.

Thank you Claudia Kelley and Susan Veld for caring about the mix collies also.


Motley (Adopted)


4/13/17:  Phil and Landee came to take me home today and I am excited to start my new life with the Roth’s. They don’t mind that I am an older fellow and special folks in my book. Since getting home I have met Zach who is also a senior fellow and adopted from CRC. We will do fine together and thanks everyone that helped me on this journey.















3/27/17: My person had to go into assisted living and I came to the rescue. I was very much loved and well taken care of over the years. I’m a sweet fellow that is housetrained and do not need a crate. My birthday is next month and I will be ten years old. I’m in good health and weigh about 79 pounds although I could stand to lose a few. Oh and I really like marshmallows.

Thank you Jim Sain and Gordana Kosutic for caring about this senior fellow.