Jack lap dog11/19/14:  I am very gentle on the leash and just watch this sweet girl walking me:  http://youtu.be/wcYjHNQnHpg


11/9/14:  As you can see I like being a lap dog and have put on my winter coat.  Is there anyone out there that can recognize me for the great collie I am and overlook that I am blind?

Jack 15






















11/4/2014:  I’m doing great here at the rescue and the folks think I have been blind since birth because of my great perception and they way I don’t bump into things.  I just seem to sense objects are there and go around them.  I am wonderful on the leash and hop right in the van to go for car rides.  I go up and down the five deck stairs with no problem.  A housetrained, crate trained, very sweet, loving fellow who gets along with everyone.
Jack 11 Jack 12











8/22/14:  While I was being neutered they discovered both my ears have infection so I have medicine for that.  I’m a small collie fellow at only 45 pounds and that is a good weight for me.

8/21/14:  Hello folks my name is Jack and I am a six year old collie fellow at 50 pounds.  Unfortunately I am at the vet today being neutered and they sure don’t wasted any time here.  I am in rescue because my people built a new house and there wasn’t enough room for me since the yard was smaller.  I am a friendly kind of fellow that loves everyone and great with the other dogs.  I do need to let you know that I am blind but I have very good perception of where things are and do not bump into them.  I am great on the leash and will hop right in the car to go for a ride.

You folks are wonderful and thank you Ann Bishop, Pam Barron, Margie Hoffman, Kimberlee Rettberg, Sharon Ross, Lisa Dalkey, Rebecca Fox, Chris Hillhouse , Barbara Minakakis, Bobby Chastain and Kim E Moore for caring about me.




Dante 2Dante 3











11/19/14:  Went to see Miss Meg and she gave me a bath with a good brushing.  I know I’m looking pretty good now and feel so much better.  I’m at the vet today getting my heartworm treatment and please keep me in your prayers.

Dante11/11/14:  Going to the groomer on Thursday and please check back to see me all cleaned up.  Sadly I did test positive for a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  Please hit the donate button below if you would like to help with my care.


11/9/14:  My name is Dante and I am a 3 year old collie fellow.  Thank you folks for taking me in and finding me a new home.  My previous owner has terminal cancer and wanted me to be safe.  This week I will be going for grooming, neutering and vaccinations.  Please check back to see my progress.




Thank you Lee Ann Bunn, Ann Moyle, Arlene Druther, Carol Lightcap and Terri L. Cheema for helping with my medical needs.


Easton (Adoption Pending)


Easton 4 Easton 5











11/19/14:  Will you just look at my after my beauty treatment and Meg sure did a great job.  I gave her kisses the entire time she was bathing and brushing me.  I sure do feel a lot better without those mats in my coat.  I’m at the vet today having my heartworm treatment and please keep me in your prayers.

Easton11/11/14:  Going to the groomer on Thursday and please check back to see me all cleaned up.  Sadly I did test positive for a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  Please hit the donate button below if you would like to help with my care.


11/9/14:  My name is Easton and I am a 5 year old collie fellow.  Thank you Deb, Karen and Shana for bringing me to this great rescue.  I will be going this week for grooming, vaccinations and neutering.  I belonged to a collie breeder but he now has terminal cancer and wanted me to be in a safe place.  Please check back to see my progress.



Oh wow, Deborah Sullivan, Debbie Olsakovsky, Elizabeth Ferrell, Jennifer Phillips, Beth Bania, Dorothy Bolding and Beverly Hirt has donated to help with my care.


Sedona (Adoption Pending)


Sedona 4 Sedona 3











11/19/14:  Miss Meg gave me a bath and a good brushing which I was very good for.  I sure do feel a lot better now that I am clean.  Today I am at the vet being spayed and in two weeks will have my heartworm treatment.  Please keep me in your prayers.

Sedona11/11/14:  Going to the groomer on Thursday and please check back to see me all cleaned up.  Sadly I did test positive for a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.  Please hit the donate button below if you would like to help with my care.


11/9/14:  I am a 5 year old, blue merle collie girl that just arrived yesterday.  A former breeder girl and understand that will change as I will be spayed.  I am in need of vaccinations, spay and grooming.  I am really looking forward to my new life.  Please check back to see my progress.




Thank you Sandra Schuck, Sharon Ross, Mary Witul, Anne White, Nancy Covey and Kimberlee Rettberg for helping with my medical cost.




Sam 4

11/19/14:  I’m not much of an alpha fellow and really enjoy playing with Jack the blind fellow.  If you would like to see a video of me just click this link: http://youtu.be/zA4jGLtQfeE

















11/2/14: Hello folks my name is Sam and I am a 3 year old collie mix fellow.  I am housetrained, crated trained and know basic commands.  A smart guy easily trained and love rides in the car.  I absolutely love a soccer ball and to play with the children.  I am very much the comedian and will make you laugh.  I’m a good size fellow at 69 pounds.  Although I have a shorter, very manageable coat one of my people has become allergic to me so I am in the rescue.

Thank you Edward Brown, Kim Moore, Stephanie Smith for donating to help me.


Beau (Courtesy Listing)

BEAU at home!!! BEAU with Flowers











Neutered Male, 6 years old and 80 pounds
Meet Beau. Our loveable Border Collie/Collie mix. We are not sure what breed of dog contributed to his large size but we don’t care, he is a wonderful pup, so easy to love and to have around. He is good with all people, dogs and even good with cats. Beau came into rescue with some health issues but they are all fixed now and he is good to go. He has a lot of space to run and play at his foster home. Beau does spend a lot of time outside as he spends most of his day out in the fresh air with his 5 foster brothers and sisters. He also enjoys playtime as he will chase a ball- he probably won’t give it back but he does like to chase it!! Beau enjoys toys but does tend to tear up stuffed things. So, we are careful what we do give him to play with. Tough Kong’s are best and he does love squeaky toys!
The only thing we have to be careful of is food. He is a bit protective of his food so we solve that by feeding him alone in the bathroom with the door shut. We can give him treats while other dogs are around him so this is not a serious issue. He does have a large appetite but we feed him once a day at night. He has also lost about 10 lbs since he has been in rescue (he now has a waist!).
Beau would be a great family dog. He is totally housebroken and just loves to be with his people. Beau forms attachments easily. He enjoys quiet evenings watching TV, rides in the car, visits to the dogpark, and chasing tennis balls. He is always interested in going for a walk.
Beau is being fostered in Franklinton, NC. Contact Nancy Solum at nsolum@touchnc.net if you have any interest or questions about adopting Beau.
Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescue dog. They are the BEST!!


Sochi (Courtesy Listing)

Sochi Sochi 2









SOCHI ~5-6 years old.  Good with older considerate children, dogs and cats.  Apartment appropriate.  Please visit our website at http://www.gsdrescue.org/animals/detail?AnimalID=6792644

Sochi is a fabulous blend of blue merle collie and German shepherd. His coloring makes him look older than he is however his pearly white teeth and sassy attitude tell me he is between 5 and 6 years old. He was found cowering along a highway loaded with fleas, missing lots of hair, skinny and scared. GSRA to the rescue!!! Sochi has obviously been abused. He would cower if voices were raised, regardless if it is directed at him or not. I explained to him that I will disagree with a behavior and correct him, but I would never hurt or hit him. He has accepted this and no more cowering. He’s moving on!  YAY! Since being in rescue he has learned how to live with other dogs and cats. Sochi is crate and housetrained. He is fine loose on the floor all night but crated when I am not home. He just wants to be near you. He is an expert couch rider but the vet says to be sure he gets regular walks and exercise to keep him limber. Sochi loves to go for rides in the car and can be quite vocal about his excitements and boy does he love to play tug with soft toys. He tries to be gentle and will “drop” something on the first request. Sochi has grown fond of his foster pack but does not play much with them. He saves his bountiful energy for games of tug, fetch and jump with the soft stuffed toy. I wouldn’t recommend him as a playmate for a younger dog. Sochi tolerates and kind of likes his foster mates but that’s about it. I haven’t had him around small dogs. Adult people are Sochi’s “thing”. That said, I would not recommend him to a home with small children. He may not have the patience, but teens and adults are fine. With a lot of love, a good diet, a calm leader, Sochi will bloom into a confident, happy dog.


Shabon (Adopted)

Shabon & Gary
11/22/14:  Well that didn’t take long and Gary came to take me home today.  When we get there I will meet Tyson who was adopted four years ago.  I’m looking forward to having lots of attention and sleeping on the bed.













11/15/14:  My name is Shabon, a seven year old 90 percent collie girl.  My folks are getting divorced and neither could take me with them.  I am adjusting and getting to know the other dogs which I do well with.  I am housetrained and cratetrained.  Please check back to see my progress.


Misty (Adopted)

Misty & Tom 2

11/9/14: Tom came to take me home today and we are headed to New York. I was so excited to see him, put on my seat belt and was ready to go. When we get home I will meet my new mom, Allison and the other dogs. It will be so nice to have a mom again and we will do so many things together.










Misty 6 Misty 5






10/14/14: Last week I went to the vet to have my teeth cleaned and also a bath.  The volunteers will come on Saturday to give me a good brushing which I’m not to fond of.  Up until now I have always pretty much done whatever I wanted and starting to learn about rules.  Since I am a collie with a desire to please learning pretty quickly.

Misty Misty 2











Misty and Bob

10/4/14: Just arrived today and my name is Misty, a six year old, tri color collie girl who is housetrained.  I’m getting along great with the other dogs and thank you for taking me in.  I have included a picture of me with my person, Bob who loved me very much.  However he knew he could no longer care for me and contacted the rescue so I could find a new home.  Sometimes love means having to say goodbye.












Thank you Rebecca Fox, Sandra Schuck, Chris Eck, Stephanie Smith, Elizabeth Ferrell, Sharon Ross and Kim Moore for caring about me.


Joe Joe (Adopted)

Mila, JoJo & Bishop's


11/1/14: I’m going home with Tom, Shelia and Ryan.  Can you believe Mila is coming along also.  Mila and I both got new beds of our very and have settled in great.  There are other dogs to play with but I’m loving my bed.  Yep this is the life for me and just like I was promised.










Mila & JoJo













9/20/14: Look folks I am growing hair!  My white is whiter and my black is darker.  I have a new smile on my face and getting healthier every day.

Joe Joe 16 Joe Joe 15













9/6/14:  Went this week for a neutering, dental and another bath.  I can’t tell you how much better I am feeling these days with my skin healing up and just look how much whiter my coat is.  There is no doubt I have had a hard life in the past but my new life is ahead of me and I’m looking forward to it.

Joe Joe 11 Joe Joe 10











8/16/14:  Had a bath and I am a little whiter now but it will take many more to get me clean.  I am on antibiotics for the scabs I have on my back.  The rescue folks put some soothing ointment on them so they feel better now.  I will be going to the vet next week for bloodwork and a check up.  The really good news is that I am heartworm negative.  I am so happy to be here and one day I will look like that puppy again.

Joe Joe puppy

8/15/14:  The first picture is of me when I was a puppy and clearly much loved.  The other two pictures are of me now at eight years old and very much neglected.  I’m not sure what happened that they stopped caring about me over the years.  My owner took me to the animal shelter because they lost their job and it was actually my lucky day.  I’m here with the rescue now where I will receive the love and care I have no known for a long time.  Tomorrow I will get a good brushing and a much needed bath.  Next week I will get my vacations, be heartworm tested and neutered.  I’m on my way to a better life and please check back to see the changes as I progress.  If you would like to help with my care just hit that donated button below.


Joe Joe 6 Joe Joe 5











Thank you so much Pati Merrill, Robin & Greg Ungano, Terri L. Cheema, Ruth Cummins, Anna Craig, Eric Oaks, Rebecca Fox, Ann Bishop, MaryJo Scarlette, Sandra Schuck, Kimberlee Rettberg, Michele Corley, Gordana Kosutic, Carol Lightcap, Kellyanne Kasheta, Denise Fulton, Mary Jane Checchi, Stacey Wirtz, Anne White, Katherine Rahman, Vincent Binek and Merry Day for the love and prayers you are sending to me.







Mila (Adopted)

Mila, JoJo & Bishop's

11/1/14: It sure is a big day for me and I’m going home with Tom and Shelia.  Can you believe Joe Joe is coming along also.  This is my boy, Ryan and he loved me right away.  We are going to be great friends.  Joe Joe and I both got new beds of our very and have settled in great.  There are other dogs to play with and even a westie just like at Miss Jean’s house.  Yep this is the life for me and just like I was promised.







Mila & JoJo










Mila 15





9/20/14: I’m enjoying playing with the other dogs here at the rescue but sure miss those puppies.  Doing great on my medicine which is very inexpensive and they say It will take about a month to see a difference.  No matter, I am full of energy and love everyone.

Mila 11 Mila 10











8/21/14:  Looking better here and started on medicine the rescue folks will supply for me when I am adopted.  Monday I went to be spayed so I have to be calm and can’t play with the puppies for a week.

Mila 4 Mila











7/27/14:  Hello folks my name is Mila and I am a ten month old collie girl.  You may have noticed what looks like scaring on my face and I have Dermatomyositis.  You might want to do some reading up on this.  However it does not mean I cannot live to my senior years and it is possible it will go away as I grow.  My parents should never be bred because they carry the condition.  Any way I am a very sweet, active little girl at about 40 pounds.  I was in the animal shelter and folks came to get me out.  I am doing great with housetraining, crate training and love the other dogs.  The cat would be ok with me also.

Thank you so much Nancy Covey, Ann Moyle, Tommy Welborn, Ruth Cummins, Pamela January, Nancy Gooding, Hillhouse, Rebecca Fox, Pam Barron, Pamela January, Kimberlee Rettberg, Michele Brane, Carol Lightcap for caring about me.


Kelton (Adopted)

Kelton & Cook's


10/28/14: Today is my day and I’m going home with the Cook’s.  Bob has plans for me to become a therapy dog and I am looking forward to the job.  When we got home I met my new brothers Bart and Rockeigh who accepted me right away and have assured me I have hit the good life.  I have also met the cats but they don’t like me much so I am being very respectful to them.  Thanks everyone who helped me to find these great folks.









Kelton 3

10/18/14:  The rescue folks had a little bit of fun playing with my hair today.












Kelton Kelton 2









10/14/14: Pleased to meet you and since the rescue doesn’t know my name they have gave me this new, fancy one.  I am a two year old collie fellow who was wondering down the road and animal control picked me up.  Thank you Mikki and Iris for getting me out and giving me a ride to the rescue.  Haven’t been here long but so far I have showed them how I can sit and shake.  I’m getting along great with the others here and please check back to see how I am doing.

Oh wow, David Taylor, Kim E Moore, Deborah Sullivan, Debbie Olsakovsky, Susan Huneycutt and Rebecca Fox have made a donation to help me.


Ally (Adopted)

Ally & Mary


10/19/14: Going home today with Mary and I will be her fourth adoption from CRC.  We will be living in PA and I use will enjoy the cooler weather.  Mary and I will be going on walks together and to obedience class where I will work on becoming a therapy collie.










Ally 4 Ally 3 Ally 2 Ally






















10/14/14: This month I just turned five years old.  My folks got divorced and had to move to an apartment so they contacted the collie rescue.  They loved me very much and in fact I am a bit overweight.  That will come off quickly as I am having a great time running and playing with the others.  I am housetrained, crate trained and love everyone.


George (Adopted)

George & Kathy



10/17/14: When Kathy came to meet the collies today I immediately picked her as the one for me.  So we are headed home to PA where I will meet the cats and my new collie friend, Winslow.  Thanks everyone who helped to make this possible for me.









George 2 George











10/14/14: I am a six year old fellow who just arrived because my dad passed away and mom was having a hard time taking care of everything.  I am the sweetest fellow you will ever meet and completely housetrained.  A very gentle kind of fellow that loves everyone and even the cats.


Zeta (Adopted)

Zeta & Masterson's Zeta & Annie











10/16/14: Tonight I am singing in my new home with the Masterson’s and Annie.  She is my new friend and everyone thinks we are twins.  We are doing great together and I am so happy to have found this great family.

Zeta 6 Zeta 5











10/4/14:  Looking pretty good after my bath and brushing.  I’m not much of a barker but do like to howl.  Just click this link if you would like to hear me sing.  http://youtu.be/IU9eVBYia6s

Zeta 2 Zeta











10/2/14: I’m Zeta the new girl in town.  The rescue is guessing me to be about eight years old.  Today I am at the vet getting my teeth cleaned and my vaccinations.  I am the sweetest girl you will ever meet and when you talk to me I will howl for you.  I am housetrained, enjoy rides in the car and love everyone although a bit shy until I get to know you.

Well thank you so much Ann Moyle and Nancy Covey for caring about me.