Sable Sable 2









8/27/15: Hello folks my name is sable and I am a three year old collie girl who was shaved at the beginning of the summer. It will come back soon enough and you just have to imagine me with more hair. I am with the rescue because my owner was doing construction in the backyard so I had to stay in a small lot. He decided this was not fair to me and contacted the rescue. I am a very sweet girl and get along great with the others here. I like it here where I get so much more attention and looking forward to my new home.















8/22/15: Back in 2009 the rescue picked me up from the animal shelter. A wonderful family came to adopt me and have taken very good care of me. Sadly for the both of us due to job requirements they are having to move out of the country. At eleven years old the trip would be to much for me and the country they are moving to is very hot for a collie. The best thing is for this girl is to stay in the states in what the rescue calls a permanent foster home. This is where they will pay for my medical cost and all you have to do is love and care for me.  I have outstanding house manners and a very sweet girl.

Thank you Edward Brown, Ann Moyle, Susan Huneycutt, Kim E Moore, Mary Witul, Debbie Olsakovsky and Nancy Covey for donating and caring about this senior lady.




Buzz 37/25/15: Well this week I went to the vet for bloodwork and x-rays. My bloodwork came back really good but the x-rays showed I have pretty bad arthritis. I am on a buffered aspirin each day and has really helped my mobility. Unfortunately I did pick up kennel cough at the shelter and coughing a lot. I know I look pretty pitiful in the picture but you should see me run when that cough medicine comes out. I’m getting stronger every day and will just be on preventive for the heartworms. At my age the vet doesn’t think it would be a good idea to put me through the treatment. The rescue is looking for me a permanent foster home where I can spend my days in comfort. This means the rescue will pay for my medical needs and all you have to do is love me.



7/18/15: The animal shelter picked me up as a stray walking down the road. My owners didn’t come to pick me up so I came to the rescue. I’m a bit of a senior fellow with that older dog bark, very underweight and weak in my hips. If that isn’t bad enough I also have heartworms that will need to be treated when I get stronger. No one knows how long I have been wondering around on my own and since I am a smooth collie I don’t have any mats in my coat. I know you folks will do what you can to get me healthier again. If you would like to help with my care just hit that donate button and thank you so much for caring about this senior fellow.




Thank you Sylvia Montgomery, Chris Hillhouse, Erin Tom, Kevin Hickey, Ann Bishop, Kim Rettberg, Bobby Chastain, Kim Rettberg, Under the Maples, Judith Gast, June Evans, Brad Thabet, Karen Brown, Merry Day, Gloria Card, Patti Morken, Abbie Schaub, Judith Tull, Karen Grecus, David Lamparter, Gordana Kosutic, Gaylyn Sarbacher, Jeannette Poling, Cathy Vellucci and Roberta Healy for caring about this older fellow.



Lassie 6

8/8/15: Went to the vet last week and had my heartworm treatment. I will be spay on the 22nd and have a dental. The volunteers gave me a bath and a good brushing and I am looking pretty good huh?







Lassie Lassie 2






7/25/15:  I went to the vet this week and had my heartworm treatment and I can be spayed in 4 weeks.  No more babies for me.

7/18/15: New here at the rescue and I’m the mother of Ozark, Swagger and Elise. We have always lived in the country but our people are moving to the city where they can’t take us so they called the collie rescue. Unfortunately all four of us have heartworms and will need to be treated. We will also need to be spay/neutered after our treatment is complete. We are pretty happy to be here since we get to come in the house where it is cool. So far we have learned crate training and I’m sure more will follow. I am a 7 year old collie lady and of course the alpha of the group. If you would like to help with my care just hit the donate button.

I’m on my way to a healthier life thanks to Terri L. Cheema, Dorothy Haynes, Marie Thomas, Jeffrey Stein, Sylvia Montgomery, Melissa Stone, Deborah Knowles, Gale Davis, Cheryl Damm, Carolyn Ladd, Sue Seehafer, Jan Wiley, Brian Kell, Roberta Healy.




Lasso 6 Lasso 7


8/22/15: Miss Jean calls me something that rhymes with Lasso but starts with an A. Even though I am eight years old I have more energy than the rest of them and loved to be chased. It doesn’t matter if they want to beat me up because I pester them and it is all about the chase. The girls don’t really seem to mind but the males sometimes get really annoyed. Miss Jean keeps reminding me I will be neutered on Wednesday the 26th and she has been doing this for a month. I absolutely love humans and when they pet me.

Lasso 4 Lasso 3






7/25/15:  Heartworm treatment complete and I will be neutered in one month.

7/18/15: I am probably the most lively eight year old collie fellow you will ever met and also the most loving. Went to the vet where he x-rayed my hips and everything looked fine. However he does think I have a bit of a neurological disorder because I sometimes like to go in circles and probably trauma sometime in my life. I will be going this week for my heartworm treatment.

6/23/15: Really good news for me and after having my blood tested two more times I do not have kidney failure. In fact my bloodwork was really good so I will have my heartworm treatment and then be neutered. Heck I have as much energy as these youngsters and love playing with them. I need to gain a few pounds so I get lots of treats during the day and whenever I go in my crate. Doing great with the housetraining and no problem there. All the other collies and I get along just fine and I sure am happy to be here where so many people care.  Looking pretty good after my bath huh?













6/7/15: Folks my name is Lasso and my people took me to the shelter at eight years old because I was no longer wanted. I am only 45 pounds and underweight and when the shelter ran bloodwork found out I have heartworms and in kidney failure. I also have never been neutered. It was my lucky day went my folks abandoned me and the rescue took me in. They ran new bloodwork and it came back normal so there is a mix up somewhere. The vet suggested putting me on antibiotics and retesting bloodwork in two weeks. When I came in I was very wobbly and unsteady on my feet but I am improving and starting to play with the others. I am the sweetest fellow you will ever meet and please keep me in your prayers.

Just when I had pretty much given up hope I found out there are people who care:  Young & Kathryn Kim, Mac Robinson, Theresa Kleeman, Ruth Cummins, Under the Maples, Kim E Moore, Thomas Jeffries, Michael Sanderson, Hollis Kerfoot, Jacqueline Mongan, Kimberlee Rettberg, Barbara Minakakis, Kendy Cochran, Ann Bishop, Underthemaples, Anne White, Maureen Walsh McGrath and Gordana Kosutic


Stryker (Adopted)

Stryker & Belinda

8/27/15: I’m going home with Belinda to live on the farm. Doing great with that goat and the horses but not to sure about the cats and the chickens. Belinda says I will learn and making a wonderful farm dog. That is my new friend Mattie in the picture and she was also adopted from the collie rescue. She is young like me and we enjoy playing together. Since she is so much smaller I get down on the ground for her. Thanks everyone who helped to make this wonderful home possible for a mountain boy like me.

Stryker 5








8/2/15: If you are looking for an easy going, gentle kind of guy I would certainly be the one for you. I went to the vet this week where I was neutered and they found birdshot in my chest and leg and it was removed. I am a very loving kind of guy and don’t know why anyone would want to hurt me. I also had my rear dew claws removed and they weren’t attached making them kind of like flippers. I’m just a goofy kind of guy who likes doing whatever you do and very respectful of you humans never jumping up. I’m learning basic commands like sit and come.  Oh and I had a bath also.








7/25/15: I’m a one year old mountain boy coming from a shelter in Tennessee. A collie mix fellow and no one knows what I am mixed with. No matter I am a sweet fellow and so very glad to be here. I will be going for my neuter and a bath on Friday and please wish me luck.  That is my brother doing the photo bombing.







Oh my goodness, Kim E Moore, Pam Barron, Thomas Jeffries, Michael Sanderson, Lizabeth Meyer and Stephen Fishel sent a donation to help with my medical needs.  However I think that means neutering.


Lady Bug (Adopted)

Lady Bug & Jim

8/26/15:  Today I’m going home with Jim and my new friend Hobby the sheltie. Hobby has really missed his collie friend since she passed and sure was glad to see me. He is a bit older than me and I sometimes wear him out but he lets me know. Jim and I are going for long walks on the many trails of his property. I have my very own bed and the attention I craved so much being stuck in a dog lot with very little companionship. I know I have hit the good life and thanks everyone that helped me find Jim and Hobby.



Lady 3 Lady 2 Lady

  8/25/15: Lady Bug here at 4 years old and just arrived on Sunday.  My people were moving, advertised me on Craig’s List and thankfully let me come to the collie rescue.  About 2 years ago they adopted me from the animal shelter and have spent most of my time outside.


Marla (Adopted)

Marla, Rebecca & KiannaMarla








8/23/15: I’m going home with Rebecca & Kianna today and ready to start my new life. My new dogs friends are Geronimo who was adopted from CRC in 2013 and Zeeck the sheltie. The boys will help me to adjust and I have found a spot for myself here on the couch. Both Becca & Kianna work at the vets office and know I will have the best of care with them. What a long way I have come from hiding in the bushes to having my very own home. Thanks everyone who helped to make this miracle possible for me.

Marla 5

5/16/15: Well here I am looking much happier and making great progress. I am very use to Miss Jean now and we even play together. However I am still a bit scared of strangers but starting to realize all humans can be good and have treats for me. I have started to shed my winter coat which means I am a lot healthier now. With all the good food and treats I am gaining the much needed weight.  Today I got a good brushing and great on the grooming table.




Marla 4 Marla 3






4/4/15: I have learned to trust Miss Jean and still a bit afraid of strangers. However when the volunteers came today we worked on meeting new people. It is just something that takes time when you have lived outside with only other collies for company. I love my crate and it my special place that only belongs to me but don’t mind sharing if others want to join me. This great life can be a little hard to accept however the others tell me my life is only going to get better.

Marla 2 Marla






3/16/15: I am named after Marla Hooch from the movie A League of Their Own and play second base for our team. I am a one year old, white collar girl at about 40 pounds. I sure do need to gain some weight as we never had enough food to go around. I am adjusting to this good life here where the food never ends and there are toys to play with. Although I was pretty scared when we first arrived I have learned crate training and love being in the house.  Saturday I had a good brushing where all the mats were removed and a bath.

Thank you Patricia Frankel, Kim E Moore, Under the Maples, Chris Hillhouse, Ann Bishop, Sylvia Montgomery for helping this little girl.


Jeter (Adopted)

Jeter & Maxwell's

8/16/15: My day has finally come and I am going home with Maria and Scott. I liked them right away and they don’t mind that I am a bit shy around strangers although I have made great progress. When I first came to rescue I use to hide in the bushes and over the months learned how good humans can be. They have a female dog to help give me the confidence I need. I have my crate if I need a safe place and not using it that much. I’m going to be fine and the Maxwell’s have experience with shy dogs. My tail is wagging and never believed such a great life could be possible for me. I know Miss Jean will miss me but I was ready.

Jeter 4





5/16/15: Wow has my life really turned around and I am so happy now. When I first came into the rescue I had no idea how great humans were and how much love they have to give. I have learned to sit for a treat and gaining some much needed weight. I’m still a little afraid of strangers and starting to learn they have treats also. I sure do smile a lot more these days and love this new life. There is plenty of food for everyone but would someone ask Miss Jean to please stop hugging all over me? Little boys just don’t like that sort of thing.



Jetter 2 Jetter






4/7/15: Time for an update on my progress and I am in the house now. Doing great with going in my crate for a cookie and have started to learn sit. I’m starting to get more confident, enjoy this good life and pets feel great. My system is finally adjusting to the good food and plenty of it. They tell me I am a good boy and these are words I have never heard before.

I play shortstop on the team and so glad to be here. I am a three year old white collie with a tri head. I sure did love having a bath and wagged my tail the whole time. This new good life where there is plenty of food is so new to me and a little scary. So many things I have never experienced like love and kindness. However I sure am ready to give it a try and understand my life is only going to get better.

Thank you Sandra Schuck, Mary Witul, Thomas Jeffries, Michael Sanderson, Ginny Coile and Terri L. Cheema for helping this fellow.


Georgia (Adopted)

Georgia & Sheffield's

8/16/15: Please meet my new family the Sheffield’s and I’m going home with them. I have met the other dog, wasn’t so sure about the cat at first but we are all doing great together. I love my new bed and thanks everyone who helped me to find them.

Georgia Georgia 2










8/10/15: Just arrived here today and my owner took me to the animal shelter because he did not have the time for me. The rescue is guessing me to be between 1 and 1 ½ years old and I am a smooth collie girl. I’m a sweet, young girl and love being with the other collies here. I would like to thank Jo Jo who picked me up  from the shelter and drove me to the rescue.


Neilan (Adopted)

Neilan, Bobby & David

8/15/15: I’m not sure why it took Bobby and David so long to figure out I would be joining the family. Heck I knew the minute I can home with them as a foster. We do so many things together and I sure am proud to have joined this pack. Most of all I want to thank Carolyn for rescuing me and helping to make this home possible for me.











7/26/15:  Big news for me and today I received my Canine Good Citizen certificate.  To celebrate we went on a shopping trip.








Neilan 3Neilan






4/29/15: Greetings, my name is Neilan and I am a 4 year old white collie with a sable head. A nice lady took me in however I didn’t get along with her male dog so she contacted the rescue. She really cared about me and wanted to make sure I was in a safe place where I will find a home suited for me. I’m a smart fellow who is housetrained and leash trained. A sweet guy at about eighty pounds and get along great with cats.

Thank you Angela Barker, Sylvia Montgomery and Georgeanne Cheng for helping with my care.


Bickle (Adopted)

Bickle & Cynthia




8/15/15: Miss Cynthia came from VA to meet the collies and she was just looking for a good dog. Wow, has she hit the jackpot with me and just a good ole boy with a very strong desire to please. Oh we are going to be just fine together and sure hope she has a big bed that she wants to share. What a lucky guy I am and thanks everyone who helped to make this possible for me.








8/2/15: Ok I went to the vet and got neutered and yes I am much smarter. I leaned not to ever go there again because they remove your body parts and give you shots. Thank goodness I only stayed one day or who knows what might have happened. I just a fun loving, goofy kind of guy at 66 pounds. I get along with everyone and cats would be ok with me. Quickly learning to sit and walk well on the leash. I don’t jump up on people and a gentle kind of fellow. While the rescue folks don’t know what the mix part might be I have the true collie nature.

Bickle Bickle 2






7/25/15: I’m a one year old country kind of fellow coming from a shelter in Tennessee. A collie mix fellow and no one knows what I am mixed with. I’m a sweet fellow and very glad to be in a safe place. I will be going for my neuter and a bath on Friday. Then I will be ready for my new home.

Wow, Lizabeth Meyer donated to my medical needs and thank you so much.


Jacomo (Adopted)

Jacomo, Lisa & Richard


8/11/15: Well I know I have hit the good life and going home with Lisa and Richard today. They like a collie who is always by their side and follows them everywhere so I will fit right in. This is my new friend Kelly in the picture and she was also adopted from CRC. They sure do love their collies and I sure am glad.

Jacomo 3








8/5/15: I enjoy having a blanket to snuggle with while I sleep but this rug works just fine also. I’m a great guy who gets along with everyone and housetrained.







Jacomo 2 Jacomo






7/25/15: Just arrived here this week because my people could no longer care for me. I am a six year old, easy going kind of fellow and know several commands. Please check back to see how I am doing.

Oh thank you so much Susan Kapilow and Gordana Kosutic for caring about me and making a donation.


Twist (Adopted)

Twist, Kevin & Kimberly

8/9/15: Well I have hit the good life with going to live in Florida with Kimberly and Kevin. That is my new pal Elliot in the picture and he was adopted from CRC last year. Although he is a bit jealous with the humans he will get use to me being around. Elliot has been sad since his older, buddy passed away and needs some company. What a long way I have come from being a wandering stray to having my very own family with a brother. Thanks everyone who helped to make this happen for me.



Twist 5 Twist 4


Twist 2Twist






7/25/15:  Went to the vet this week and had my neuter so I’m ready for my new home.  I’m an active kind of guy who really enjoys play time.

7/19/15: Well here I am at the rescue after being found as a stray. I have been on my own for a long time and only weigh 36 pounds so I need to gain some. I’m about three years old and a sweet little fellow. Please check back to see my progress.

Thank you Bob Jones, Susan Huneycutt, Ann Moyle, Debbie Olsakovsky, Kimberlee Rettberg, Kim Moore, Pam Barron, Michael Sanderson, Thomas Jeffries, Mary Witul and Kim Moore for caring about this little guy.


Elise (Adopted)

Swagger, Elise & Robinson Family

8/2/15: Swagger and I will be going to our new home together with the Robinson Family. We are going to have our very own boys who already love us very much. We know how lucky we are and appreciate everyone who helped us to find them.







Elise 2 Elise






7/25/15:  Had my heartworm treatment this week and will be spayed in a month.

7/18/15: New here at the rescue and came in with Ozark, Swagger and Lassie who is my mom. We have always lived in the country but our people are moving to the city where they can’t take us so they called the collie rescue. Unfortunately all four of us have heartworms and will need to be treated. We will also need to be spay/neutered after our treatment is complete. We are pretty happy to be here since we get to come in the house where it is cool. So far we have learned crate training and I’m sure more will follow. I am a 3 year old collie girl a bit on the small side at about 40 pounds with a great personality. If you would like to help with my care just hit the donate button.

Thank you Jocelyn Palmer, Jim Sain, Marintha Miller, Mary Jane Checchi, Barbara Gaster, Cheryl Fluckiger, Virginia Coile, Virginia King, Kathy Boyes, Deborah Roesel, Carol Tidd, Teresa Hilburn and Roberta Healy for caring about this little girl.