Cleo 2 Cleo






5/16/15: Hello my name is Cleo and I am a 4 year old white collie girl. I have very nice manners, play well with others and even like cats. My folks were elderly and could no longer take care of me. Unfortunately I have a light case of heartworms that will need to be treated.

Thank you Anne White, Gordana Kosutic, Kim E Moore, Thomas Jeffries and Michael Sanderson for helping with my care.




Neilan 3Neilan






4/29/15: Greetings, my name is Neilan and I am a 4 year old white collie with a sable head. A nice lady took me in however I didn’t get along with her male dog so she contacted the rescue. She really cared about me and wanted to make sure I was in a safe place where I will find a home suited for me. I’m a smart fellow who is housetrained and leash trained. A sweet guy at about eighty pounds and get along great with cats.

Thank you Sylvia Montgomery and Georgeanne Cheng for helping with my care.




Zach Zach 2






4/18/15: Tired of those pesky squirrels in the yard and getting in the birdfeeders? I’m the man for the job to keep them out and pretty good at catching them also. My name is Zach, an 8 ½ year old, smooth, tri color collie fellow. My people are moving to the beach in a house where they don’t allow dogs so I came to the rescue today. I’m a bit confused right now and being left is hard to understand. I’m a good boy who is housetrained and don’t need that crate thing. If you love collies but not all that hair a smooth coat is the way to go.

How wonderful, Christopher Hamlin and Gordana Kosutic has donated to help with my care.




Jeter 4

5/16/15: Wow has my life really turned around and I am so happy now. When I first came into the rescue I had no idea how great humans were and how much love they have to give. I have learned to sit for a treat and gaining some much needed weight. I’m still a little afraid of strangers and starting to learn they have treats also. I sure do smile a lot more these days and love this new life. There is plenty of food for everyone but would someone ask Miss Jean to please stop hugging all over me? Little boys just don’t like that sort of thing.



Jetter 2 Jetter






4/7/15: Time for an update on my progress and I am in the house now. Doing great with going in my crate for a cookie and have started to learn sit. I’m starting to get more confident, enjoy this good life and pets feel great. My system is finally adjusting to the good food and plenty of it. They tell me I am a good boy and these are words I have never heard before.

I play shortstop on the team and so glad to be here. I am a three year old white collie with a tri head. I sure did love having a bath and wagged my tail the whole time. This new good life where there is plenty of food is so new to me and a little scary. So many things I have never experienced like love and kindness. However I sure am ready to give it a try and understand my life is only going to get better.

Thank you Sandra Schuck, Mary Witul, Thomas Jeffries, Michael Sanderson, Ginny Coile and Terri L. Cheema for helping this fellow.




A-Rod 3 A-Rod 4








4/7/15: It’s slow going for me and not as accepting of this new life as the others. I do however sure appreciate having enough food to eat and all the treats. It is just going to take me a little more time.

A-Rod A-Rod 2






3/22/15: Well I guess you can figured out why I am named A-Rod and not much of a team player. I like to argue with the others and boss them around but someone has to be in charge. However with humans I don’t have all that much confidence. While I enjoy being petted I just can’t let them know yet. It will take a while for me to come around and accept the good life because it is so overwhelming. However the volunteers here at the rescue love a challenge and I have become the special project. Please check back to see my progress.

Thank you Debbie Olsakovsky, Nancy Covey, Susan Huneycutt and Kim E Moore for seeing the potential in me.




Marla 5

5/16/15: Well here I am looking much happier and making great progress. I am very use to Miss Jean now and we even play together. However I am still a bit scared of strangers but starting to realize all humans can be good and have treats for me. I have started to shed my winter coat which means I am a lot healthier now. With all the good food and treats I am gaining the much needed weight.  Today I got a good brushing and great on the grooming table.




Marla 4 Marla 3






4/4/15: I have learned to trust Miss Jean and still a bit afraid of strangers. However when the volunteers came today we worked on meeting new people. It is just something that takes time when you have lived outside with only other collies for company. I love my crate and it my special place that only belongs to me but don’t mind sharing if others want to join me. This great life can be a little hard to accept however the others tell me my life is only going to get better.

Marla 2 Marla






3/16/15: I am named after Marla Hooch from the movie A League of Their Own and play second base for our team. I am a one year old, white collar girl at about 40 pounds. I sure do need to gain some weight as we never had enough food to go around. I am adjusting to this good life here where the food never ends and there are toys to play with. Although I was pretty scared when we first arrived I have learned crate training and love being in the house.  Saturday I had a good brushing where all the mats were removed and a bath.

Thank you Kim E Moore, Chris Hillhouse, Ann Bishop, Sylvia Montgomery for helping this little girl.


Katy (Adopted)

Katy & Nancy


5/2/15: Please meet my new mom, Nancy. Since arriving at the house I have met the neighbor and their dogs. We go for walks together and she loves me already.



Katy Katy 2






4/24/15:  I have move to a foster home in Waynesboro, VA.  I am learning about the cats and not sure what they are so I bark at them.  However when I am told to quite I do.  I’m sure I will get use to them in time but that one swiped me on the nose.  I’m doing fine here with the two collies, Laci and Gabriel.   Today I joined them in their therapy work with the children.  I did very well with the sixty children petting me and was invited back.

4/18/15: Just arrived today and thank you Mary for giving me a ride to the rescue. My folks are having move to an apartment so they contacted the rescue to find me a home. It was a very hard decision for them as they loved me very much. I am a 7 ½ year old girl who is housetrained, don’t need a crate and good with the other dogs. I have never been around cats so we don’t know about them.

Thank you Gordana Kosutic for caring about this girl.


Papi / David Ortiz


Papi 4 Papi 3








4/7/15: I’m not as accepting of these humans as the others and still not sure I can trust them. While they have lots of food and treats for me I think I will wait a while to make sure this good life is for real. It is just going to take time, love and patience for me to come around. Did I mention I have beautiful blue eyes?

Papi 2 Papi






3/15/15: Today I had what was probably the first grooming of my life. Unfortunately some of my coat was matted to the skin and had to be shaved. It sure does feel good to have the air hitting my skin and the hair not pulling. I was a good boy in the tub and enjoyed the brushing. I’m a very sweet fellow and sure do appreciate being here.

3/12/15:  I’m part of the baseball team and about 3 years old. Need to gain a few pounds and we didn’t always have enough food to go around for the nine of us.

Thank you Kim E Moore, Edward Brown, Kim Rettberg and Brenda Goodman for caring about this fellow.


Cal Ripken Jr. (Adopted)

Ripken & Cheryl

4/28/15: Well I have hit the big league and guess I will give this good life a try with my new person, Cheryl. She has experience with un-socialized collies and realizes it will take me time to trust. That smaller dog is my new friend, Annie and she has enough confidence for the both of us. She will help me to learn my place in the family and what is expected of me. I have made great progress here at the rescue and time to move to the next step. Thanks everyone who helped make this possible for me.



Ripken 4 Ripken 3






4/7/15: They call me the Teddy Bear and hug all over me. I’m starting to enjoy it and I am working on learning to sit for a cookie. Have that crate thing down and always get treats when I go in. I’m doing pretty good and starting to adjust to this wonderful new life. I never imagined having enough food to eat or that humans would care about me but they do!

Ripkin 2 Ripkin






4/2/15: Moving on up and I am now in the house. I come right in that door and run to my crate where I always get a cookie. You could probably call me the clown of the team and I get along with all the other dogs. I’m starting to accept the good life and strangers when they come however it will just take a little time with lots of love for me.

3/22/15: I am a pretty valuable player on the CRC team. Not to mention I also have this cute teddy bear face. I am about 3 years old and a white collie with a sable head. This picture was taken after my bath and before I was brushed out. This good life is a bit hard to take in when all you have ever know is being hungry and only having the other dogs for friends but we had to fight for our food. Therefore I am underweight and need to gain some pounds. Each week the volunteers come to work with us on leash walking and just showing us love. It is just a little hard to accept this wonderful new life.

How about that, Mary Witul Ann Moyle and Sandra Schuck are helping with my care.


Diego (Adopted)

Diego & Hamilton'sDiego








4/4/15: It’s my turn and I’m going home with the Hamilton’s. I will have two small sisters to play with and we already went on a 2 mile walk. Just look at this cool bed I now have of my very own. Yep I have hit the good life with Shawn and Jeff. Guess that getting neutered really paid off. Thanks everyone for helping me find them.

Deigo 2 Deigo






4/2/15: Alright folks I have been neutered, dental and had a bath. I’m ready to go to my new home. A good boy that knows commands, housetrained and crate trained. I’m a bit of an active fellow and will rub on you like a cat. I spent most of my life outside with two other collies. When the neighbors complained about barking I was the one blamed so came to the rescue. Heck I rarely ever bark and us collies just want to be with our people as part of the family. Well turns out that was my luck day because I had lyme disease and needed to be treated with antibiotics. I feel sorry for the collies who did not come with me and they probably have it also. You know those ticks are everywhere and humans can get it also but a little harder to detect.

3/11/15:  Pleased to meet you folks and I am a 3 1/2 year old, tri collie fellow who just got here today.  My folks couldn’t keep me anymore so they contacted the rescue.  Things are a little confusing right now and I understand I am to be neutered on Friday.  Please check back to see my progress as the rescue folks get to know more about me.

Thank you Ruth Cummins and Pam Barron for caring about me and helping with my medical cost.


Paisley (Adopted)

Paisley & Lovelace Family

4/5/15: I’m joining the Lovelace Family today. Several members in the family work with the deaf and what a benefit for me. The little one is my new friend Izzy and she is nine months old. The collie is Rusty and he will keep us girls in line. There is no doubt I will be in very good hands with Traci and Mark. Clearly I have found the perfect home.





Paisley 3 Paisley & Toot









4/1/15:  Today I was spayed and I would rather not talk about it.

3/28/15: This little westie and I play very well together and I am great with all the dogs. Today I learned to sit with a hand signal and it was so easy I’m ready to learn more. I have a very outgoing personality and being deaf is no handicap for me, I just follow the other dogs.

Paisley Paisley 2






3/27/15: I am a little six month old, deaf girl who is what they call a double dilute. Double Dilute collies can be produced when both parents are blue merle or carry the merle gene. This breeding can cause possible blind, deaf or blind and deaf puppies and should not be done. However some breeders do it any way so here I am. I’m the sweetest little thing and don’t really know that I can’t hear. I just follow the other collies and they let me know when it is time to come in. Doing great here at the rescue and have learned crate training. Right now I weigh about 28 pounds.  Please check back to see my progress.

Woo Hoo, Anne White has donated to help with my medical cost.


Zibby (Adopted)


Zibby & Heetderk's Zibby








4/2/15: When it was my turn to meet the Heetderk family I knew immediately they were the ones for me. There was no way I was going to let that Diego near them. I have two wonderful girls of my very own, Annie and Helen will take very good care of me. Although dad is a bit outnumbered by all us girls he doesn’t seem to mind and glad to have me joining the family. We are staying overnight here in NC with other family members and will be headed to Maryland tomorrow. I made myself comfortable on this doggie bed and excited to be starting my new life. Can you believe I have a family and this is really happening for me? I never even knew it could be possible.  Sometimes being a little different can have benefits.

Zibby 3

3/21/15: The volunteers came today to teach us about love and I totally get it. I’m loving this new, good life and it suits me just fine. Being petted is great and then there is belly rubs that feels so good. That bath wasn’t to bad either with all the massaging. Yep I’m on my way to the good life and never knew such a life existed or possible for me.




Zibby Zibby 2






3/12/15: Hello, I am a one year old collie girl that came from a hoarding situation with eight others. I’m a small girl at 38 pounds but I do need to gain weight. I know you are looking at my picture and saying “her nose looks crooked” and yes it is. That’s just part of my cuteness and makes me unique. I have been full vetted with shots and spay. Now ready to learn about the good life where there is plenty of food and people love me. Today the huge, tight mats were shave from behind my ears. It feels so good to have the air getting to my skin and to be able to scratch. Please check back to see my progress as the rescue folks get to know more about me.

Thank you Margie Hoffman for sending your love and helping me.


Manny / Mickey Mantle (Adopted)

Manny & Katherine3/28/15: It is my turn to leave and start my new life with Katherine. She adopted Lotus Rose (now Gemma) last year so I will have a collie friend to show me what is expected of me. Gemma goes to work with Katherine and when I am comfortable I can go also. There is plenty of food and love here so I should adjust quickly. It isn’t easy going from a collie who never imagined any other life than the one I had to winning the lottery. However I’m sure willing to get started living the good life where this dog is loved and cared for.

Manny bath






3/15/15: Today I had the first grooming of my life and I have to say I sure did love the beauty treatment. All that massaging and treats while the brushing was going on. I sure do smell a whole lot better and looking forward to my new home. The other collies here tell me my life is only going to get better and can’t believe that is possible.









3/12/15: As part of the baseball team coming from the hoarding situation they have named me after Mickey Mantle but they call me Manny. The other eight players on the team have never liked me and always beat me up and I pretty much just took it. But the other dogs here at the rescue like me just fine so I go out in the yard with them and love being in the house. I have been fully vetted with neutered, vaccinations and sure enjoying that food bowl that I get twice per day. I’m a very gentle soul so ready for someone to love me. Please check back to see my progress as the rescue folks get to know more about me.

Manny 2 Manny









Thank you so much Karen Grecus, Margie Hoffman, Laurina Emery-Jacobs, Lynne Bishop, Jeanne Hommes and Ann Bishop for caring about me.


Evelyn (Adopted)

Evelyn & Harris Family

3/22/15: Here I go with the Harris family to start my new life. Jack & Kathy do not mind that I am not sure of all these new things yet and will take time for me to learn to trust. However I have these two poodle fellows to show me the ropes and they sure seem to love these folks. I slept all the way home, had supper and investigated the house. Home, that sounds so funny and 2 weeks ago never imagined I would have one. Wow have I come a long way thanks to so many folks.

Evelyn 2 Evelyn






3/16/15: I am named after Evelyn Gardner and I play right field for the team. I am a one year old collie girl who is adjusting to this good life where there is plenty of food to go around and toys to play with. It is pretty scary for us since the only life we have ever known is neglect from humans. However so far I love coming in the house and learned crate training. On Saturday I had a brushing and a massaging bath and wow do I smell better. The other dogs here welcomed us and let us know our lives are only going to get better. I’m not sure if that is possible but never imagined being so well taken care of and loved. I weight about 36 pounds and really need to gain a few but we have to take it slow.


Ty Cobb (Adopted)

Ty & Ryan

3/21/15: I’m the first of the team to go to my new home and Ryan is taking me home with her. I’m a little better adjusted than the others and more accepting of the good life. Anyway we made it home safely and I have met the cats who don’t really interest me but they sure are checking me out. Thanks everyone who helped to make this possible and I am on my way to a much better life.







Ty bath


3/15/15: I was very good for my bath today and what a great massage. However when it came to all that brushing I was pretty much over it and wanted to get down and play. I’m pretty much the only one who is a decent weight at 63 pounds and it is a good weight for me. I found our my name is for the best all-around baseball player that ever lived and that really suits me.








3/12/15: Wow have I hit the good life and this rescue place is pretty great. They have plenty of food here and lots of love to go around. Since there were nine of us in the hoarding situation we have become the baseball team. Therefore I am named after Ty Cobb and an outstanding player. I am about 6 years old and have been fully vetted with shots and neuter. On Saturday I am to get a bath, mats shaved from behind my ears and a good brushing. All this attention is very new to me but I am very trusting and know I am on my way to a better life. Please check back to see my progress as the rescue folks get to know me.

Ty 3 Ty 2






Thank you so much Roberta Folino and Aimee Ellingsen for donating to help with my medical cost.