Amber Amber 2









6/27/16: Please to meet you folks and I am here at the rescue because my person could no longer keep me. I am probably the healthiest ten year old smooth collie you will ever meet. I enjoy playing with the younger dogs and especially that little 1 ½ year old Sweetie. I have a great personality, like cats, other dogs and housetrained.

Why thank you Karen Creager for helping with my medical needs.




Princess 2 Princess









6/27/16: At six years old my people took me to the animal shelter and I really don’t know why. A petite little girl at 41 pounds and a bit of a smooth collie mix. No problem with the house and crate training.

Thank you Gordana Kosutic and Karen Creager for caring about me.




Lucy 2


6/27/16: I’m a smooth collie mix girl at about 2 years old and picked up by animal control as a stray. No problems with the housetraining or getting in my crate when needed. Love meeting people, children and great on the leash. I am fine with cats and most other dogs. I enjoy playing fetch and learning to release the ball when I bring it back.







Lucy 3 Lucy






Thank you so much Karen Creager for helping with my medical needs.




Brando 6 Brando 7









Brando Brando 2






6/17/16: Well here I am at the rescue because the animal control picked me up as a stray. About 4 to 5 years old and haven’t missed any meals so must not have been roaming long. At 70 pounds I could stand to lose about 5 of that and on the green bean diet. I went for my neuter and a much needed bath this week. I have an outgoing personality and a very sweet guy.

Thank you Karen J Creager, Nancy Covey, Tammy Goodman, Debbie Olsakovsky, Pam Barron, Kim Moore, Edward Brown and Ron Cohn for helping with my medical cost.




Sweetie 5 Sweetie 4







Sweetie 2 Sweetie








6/16/16:  Went for my spay this week and found out I was in the early stages of pregnancy and thank goodness I will not be having puppies again.  I really like to have my belly rubbed and sit on your lap.

6/5/16: Started life off a little rough with already having 2 litters at only 1 ½ years old. However I can say I have never gone hungry or been mistreated. I am a little, sheltie mix girl at about 30 pounds. Great manners in the house and very friendly. I get along fine with the other dogs and wouldn’t mind cats either. I really live up to my name and am a sweetie. Going this week for my spay and no more babies for me.

Thank you Karen J Creager, Cindy Schober, Mary Woods, Gayle Taylor, Kelley Treichel, Patricia Klein, Shirley Braden, Traci Lovelace, Chris Hillhouse, Carol Lightcap, Shirley Treichel, Rebecca Rees, Virginia Coile and Rosemary Della Ventura for helping with my medical cost.




Celine 4 Celine 3









4/16/16: Well I went last week for my heartworm treatment and doing very well. I will have another one in a month and due to my age we are doing it the slow way. Sure enjoyed the sunshine today and a good back rub in the grass. I am very gentle, calm, quiet and tender hearted. Never any trouble and just like to be by your side. The rescue would like a permanent foster home for me to live out my years. This is where the rescue will pay for my medical needs and all you have to do is love me.

Celine Celine 2






3/19/16: First of all I would like to thank the many people who helped make it possible for me to come to the collie rescue. You see I was picked up by the animal control as a stray and my time for getting adopted was just about up. I am a collie mix, senior lady and the rescue is guessing me to be about ten years old. Although I have a lot of white in my face I have beautiful, healthy teeth. Today the volunteers brushed my coat and removed all the mats. Next week I will be going for my first bath in a very long time. I look forward to starting my new life but sadly we found out I have heartworms. The vet will do bloodwork to make sure I am healthy enough to have the treatment. Please keep me in your prayers and thank you for saving my life. If you would like to help with my medical cost just click the donate button and say it is for Celine.

Thank you Ruth Cummins, June Evans, Lizabeth Meyer, Adele Volpe, Marian Rogers, Ann Moyle, Deborah Showalter, Terri Cheema, Valeri Rothbauer, Carolyn McCullough, Valerie Brehm, Carol Clasen, Karen Brown, Shelia Nelson, Diana Horvat, Russ Alba, Maria Rivero, Carol Olmedo, Cindy Simpson, Renee Weitzman and Heather DeMelia and Anita Strawser for caring about the seniors.


Nadine (Adopted)

Nadine & Canary's


6/17/16: It’s my big day and I’m going home with Janet, Joe and Rusty who is my new pal. He looks just like me and we hit it off right away. Yep I’m headed to the good life with the Canary’s. Thanks everyone who helped me to find them.








Nadine car



5/27/16: Here I am going for a ride in the car which I enjoy. I love petting, playing, toys, belly rubs and will keep those pesky squirrels out of the yard.







Nadine Nadine 2






5/21/16: Hello folks, my name is Nadine and I will be turning 3 years old next month. A smooth collie girl and just like the rough collies without all the matting. My people purchased me as a puppy but as I grew up I became to much for them as they were elderly. I’m a healthy, study girl at 68 pounds and that is a good weight for me. I am housetrained and crate trained.

Thank you Rebeccah Gan, Terri L. Cheema, Carolyn Ladd, Virginia King, Marian Ridge, Chris Hillhouse and Kimberly Luddington for helping with my medical cost.


Idgie (Adopted)

Idgie & Ortner's


6/22/16: The Ortner’s drove 11 hours to meet the collies and I picked them out. These are my new wheaten buddies Riley and Lucy and they are rescues also. We made it home safely and the girls are getting used to my southern bark. We visited the dog park where I enjoyed running and playing. The wheatens pretty much like to hang out with mom while I am a daddy’s girl. I am so lucky to have found this great home and thanks everyone.






Idgie brushing 2 Idgie10









5/21/16: Wow do I love being brushed and sure do enjoy a spa day. Doing great here at the rescue and ready for my new home.

Idgie Idgie 4 Idgie 3 Idgie 2












4/16/16: Paisley and I are at the rescue because after getting us our owner had an accident and could not take care of us. We are both 16 months old and the rescue folks think it would benefit us to be separated. Neither of us have missed any meals and a little overweight but will probably be around 70 pounds. We are getting to know the others here and fitting in just fine. We have been spay and vaccinated.

Thank you Rebeccah Gan, Nancy Gooding, Mary Witul, Susan Huneycutt, Ruth Cummins, Debbie Olsakovsky, June Evans, Nancy Covey and Tammy Goodman for helping with my medical cost.


Barbie (Adopted)

Barbie and MikeBarbie adopted









5/22/16: Went home with Mike and Victoria and sure loving the good life. They have this big dog bed but the call it a couch and sit on it too. There is no doubt I have hit the good life and will be very much loved here. Thanks every that helped me on my way to my new life.

Barbie 1 Barbie 4 Barbie 3 Barbie 2












4/22/16: Just arrived here from the animal shelter yesterday. They picked me up as a stray and when my people didn’t come called you rescue folks. I am a one year old collie girl at about 45 pounds that recently had puppies. Being so young, birthing babies sure took a lot out of me and have lost most of my coat. My hair will come back and I will be spay when I get healthy again. Please check back to see my progress.

Thank you Kimberly Luddington, Ruth Cummins, Gayle Woods, Chris Hillhouse, Carol Lightcap, Cindy Schober, Kelley Treichel, Rebecca Rees, Patricia Klein, Mary Woods, Virginia Coile, Shirley Treichel, Rosemary Della Ventura, Shirley Braden, Tammy Goodman, June Evans, Debbie Olsakovsky and Nancy Covey for helping with my medical needs.


Sadie (Adopted)

Sadie & Ivy Sadie & Gilbert's









5/20/16: Well I have hit the jackpot and going home with the Gilbert’s today. This is my new pal Ivy who is an eleven year old golden and she was adopted also when she was eight. We are going on walks together with our people and getting to know each other. Things are really looking up for me and thanks everyone who helped me to find this wonderful home.

Sadie 6 Sadie 5









4/16/16: Practicing my sits today with the rescue volunteers. You know just like people some dogs look older than they are and I am only 7 years. While this is great when you are a teenager not so much when you are middle age as I am.  I’m just very blond and my face isn’t white yet.

Sadie 4



4/2/16: Feeling so much better now and starting to smile since having my teeth cleaned.  Adjusting to the new situation and looking forward to my new home.









Sadie Sadie 2









3/25/16: I am a sweet, 7 year old collie girl who is housetrained and crate trained. I get along great with the other dogs and fine with cats also. My dad has is in the hospital with leukemia and to be near him mom moved to an apartment in the same city. Such a sad situation and thought it best to find me a new home. I’m going this week to get my teeth cleaned and then ready for my new home.

Thank you Carol Clasen, Susan Huneycutt, Virginia King, Carolyn D. Ladd, Terri L. Cheema, Marian Ridge, Chris Hillhouse, Paul Licurs Jr, Debbie Olsakovsky, Tammy Goodman and Nancy Covey for helping with my medical cost.


Paisley (Adopted)

Paisley & Aney's


5/14/16: Going home with the Aney’s today and what a great family I have found. My new boys, James and Austin are very smart and asked lots of good collie questions. It is pretty cool to have my very own boys. This is my new collie pal, Holly and she is a bit older than me. We are going to be good friends and thanks everyone for helping me to find a family of my own.







Paisley Paisley 2 Paisley 3 Paisley 4


















4/16/16: Idgie and I are at the rescue because after getting us our owner had an accident and could not take care of us. We are both 16 months old and the rescue folks think it would benefit us to be separated. Neither of us have missed any meals and a little overweight but will probably be around 70 pounds. We are getting to know the others here and fitting in just fine. I love toys and don’t mind playing by myself.  We have been spay and vaccinated.


Timmy (Adopted)

Timmy & David - Copy


4/8/16: David has adopted from the rescue before and when his collie passed came out to visit the ones available for adoption. The one he chose would go to work with him every day just as his other dog had done. After meeting all of us he went home to think about it but it wasn’t long before he called back and would like to adopt the little marching man, Timmy. My first day at the office very little work was done by the employees as I was getting all the attention. They say I bring joy to everyone I meet with my happy personality. I run around freely until I decide to lay anywhere and take a nap. Oh I know I have found the right person with David and us guys will be just fine. Thanks everyone who helped make this possible for me.


Timmy 6


4/2/16:  I’m the sweetest little man and everyone loves me.  Since I am so light they like to carry me around and always making people smile.








Timmy shoes







3/25/16:  My Air Timmy’s came today and giving them a try.
















Timmy 5 Timmy 4









3/19/16: Yesterday we went to the vet for some bloodwork which was perfect and Dr. Tart is going to call a specialist about my condition to see if anything can be done to help me. You see my front legs do bend but my brain doesn’t seem to know how to do this so I will with stiff legs, goose-stepping. All you have to do is call “Timmy” and I will come marching. This makes it hard for me to go up steps because I fall backwards. However I have mastered the tile floors with no problem. I am completely housetrained and will let you know if I have to go outside. The collies and the westie here are very kind and play gentle with me.

Timmy Timmy 2






3/12/16: Glad to meet you folks and I am a one year old, eleven pound Shetland Sheepdog fellow. I was rescued by a very nice lady who called the rescue. You see I have Cerebellar Hypoplasia which is a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed. There are various causes such as bacterial or viral infections, poisoning, injury or malnutrition. It will not get worse but will not get better either and it basically means I walk funny. Actually I look like I am prancing when I go around the yard. Slippery floors are hard for me and not good with stairs. However since I am so small giving me a lift shouldn’t be a problem. I am good with cats, other dogs, rides in the car and on the leash.  If you would like to see a movie of me just click on this link

The love just keeps coming and thank you so much Debra Shuman, Gordana Kosutic and Lizabeth Meyer for helping this little man.