Rosie (Available)


11/12/17:  I am a 1 year old, smooth collie that is housetrained and crate trained.  My person became disabled and could no longer care for me so I came to the rescue.  I get along great with the other dogs and cats are ok with me also.  If I don’t have others to play with I just play by myself, throwing my toy in the air and run after it.  I have a bit of a limp on my right rear leg and no one seems to know what happened.  However at some point in my young life I stopped using it and have lost a great deal of muscle.  The specialist x-rayed and checked me over good and no injuries to be found.  Therefore I am going to physical therapy twice a week where I get on the treadmill and have laser therapy.  We also do exercises at the rescue to teach me to use the leg again.  It doesn’t hurt me except after the therapy session it is a bit sore.  Having the others here to play with has really helped also and learning to put my leg down.  I am making great progress.













Hendrix (Available)



11/12/17:  They gave me this name because I do have an eye for the foxy, senior ladies here.  At eight years old my folks took me to the animal shelter no longer wanted.  That’s ok with me because I was pretty much neglected and have a lot of hair loss from fleas.  I like it here where there is plenty of food, the fleas no longer bite me and my coat will grow back soon.  However I did get neutered and going to get my teeth cleaned.  No problem with the housetraining and will go in a crate for a treat.  I don’t really need one though.  I get along great with the other dogs and cats are ok.  I have included my baby picture so you can see me when I was a youngster.














Shep (Available)




















10/19/17:  I am a two year old ninety-seven pound collie boy on a diet.  However I am a big fellow and only need to lose about ten pounds.  A friendly guy that is housetrained and knows basic commands.  I am at the collie rescue because I would prefer a home without other pets.  You can see I have a huge coat that will require weekly brushing.














TUX (Available)  I like to have my picture taken and will sit up proudly for the camera.  I’m an outgoing kind of guy.  Clearly no imagination was used with my name, really look at me.  All I need is a bow tie.










ROLO (Adoption Pending)  I’m a tri fellow that is sweet as candy with loving to snuggle.  Learning about the big new world and stuff like baskets.










GRETEL (Available)  Although I’m not as big as my siblings maybe I take after mom who is also small.  I wanted to go ahead and start sheep herding skills and get this big thing under control.










OPRAH (Adoption Pending)  I have a lot to live up to with my new name and plan to be a strong, caring girl.  I like to cuddle, play with my siblings and learning about toys.



11/4/17:  We are having our first puppy food and it sure was good.  We will be 5 weeks old on 11/9/17














11/2/17:  We are 1 month old today and happy birthday to us.  We have been growing and starting to develop personalities. 


10/11/17:  What a surprise we were.  Mom was adopted on 9/17 and a collie/ sheltie/? mix.  She was scheduled to be spay but we came along so that will have to wait.  We all moved back to the rescue until we are weaned and can go to our new homes.  Yesterday we went for our first vet visit and to have our dewclaws removed.  One of our sisters did not have a rectum and could not poop so she didn’t come home with us.  We weighed a little of a pound today and are 2 boys and 2 girls.  We will be ready to go in about eight weeks.  Our mom is such a good mother and takes very good care of us.









Symphony (Adopted)










11/17/17:  Leaving today and headed to my new home with the Hoke’s.  We made the long ride home safely and then I met my new friend Finley.  He is two years old and sure did welcome a buddy to play with.  I have so much in store for me here.  We plan to do agility and many other activities.  Thanks for helping me to find Colin and Krista.



11/2/17:  Went to Lowes yesterday where we met lots of people and some had treats for good dogs.  I’m still very much a puppy and working on not jumping up and mouthing.  I would really like a home with another dog to play with.

















9/18/17:  Doing great in my foster home and learning so many things.  Outstanding progress with my obedience training.  Went to herd the sheep one day and I do have the instinct for the job.  I’m a happy girl that loves everyone.  I have included a link below so you can see how well I am doing.









8/28/17:  Last week I went for my spay and ready for my new home.  Miss Jean doesn’t like barking in the house and if I do she squirts me with that water bottle.  So I just do a soft huff, huff, huff if I feel the need to bark and don’t get squirted.  I am easily corrected if I am doing something I shouldn’t but spend most of my day playing.  I am learning basic commands like sit, down and come.

























8/20/17:  I’m the youngster here at the rescue and only 10 months old.  I was picked up as a stray by the animal control and thanks Anita and Paul for helping me find my way to the rescue.  Last week I was spay and received my vaccinations.  Doing good with the housetraining, crate training and learning basic commands.  I love everyone, the other dogs and cats are ok with me.  The rescue folks aren’t sure what my DNA mixture is but I have enough collie that I don’t like that squirt bottle.

Thank you Susan Veld for helping with my medical cost.



Emma (Adopted)



10/24/17:  John came to meet me today and decided to take me home.  In the past he has had corgi’s and just wait until he sees how smart I am.  We are going to do everything together and so glad to have found him.

















10/22/17:  The animal control picked me up as a stray, shaved my matted coat and spayed me.  I’m a small collie girl at 40 pounds and about 3 to 4 years old.  I am housetrained and crate trained although I don’t need a crate.  I like to play with the other dogs and toys.



Legend (Adopted)



10/21/17:  Headed home to start my new life with Tom and Diane.  There is no doubt that I am going to be very much loved and cared for.













10/17/17:  I am a 10 month old collie fellow at 65 pounds.  Housetrained, crate trained and great with the other dogs.  My folks didn’t have a fenced yard for me to run and play in so they wanted to find me another home.  I’m a good boy and already know sit and pretty good on the leash.

















Bo (Adopted)










10/17/17:  Went home with Susan today and I am just what she was looking for.  Once we arrived I found this comfy bed and lots of great toys because she knows I love toys.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find her.


















10/8/17:  Pleased to meet you and my name is Bo.  A six year old maybe Aussie / Collie mix fellow but waiting on my DNA to come back.  I don’t have much of a tail but I am always wagging it because I’m a happy fellow.  I absolutely love toys and enjoy a good game of fetch.  I have great manners and know basic commands like sit and down.  I enjoy car rides and walk well on the leash.



Daisy (Adopted)














10/15/17:  I’m going home with Sherry today and met Max when we arrived.  He perked right up and started prancing around.  Max has really been missing having a collie companion and we need each other.  He showed me all around the yard and then we settled down for a nap.  I’m going to be just fine here.










10/10/17:  I am a four year old, sweet as the come collie girl.  My weight is about 56 pounds.  I am with the rescue because my people could no longer keep me.  I have great house manners and also crate trained.  Not much of an alpha girl and would prefer a home with another dog to give me confidence.  I do have a bit of a sensitive stomach and on special food.



Gunner (Adopted)










10/14/17:  I’m excited to start my new life today with Diane.  Once we were home I met Charlie my new collie friend and he showed me around.  I immediately made myself comfortable on the couch and Diane doesn’t mind.  I’m going to be very much loved here and thanks everyone for helping me.










10/8/17:  I’m feeling so much better and happier.  Having a great time running and playing with the others here at the rescue.  My hair has started to grow and my skin is not itching as much.  One day my full coat will be back.  I am learning basic commands like sit but don’t really see the need for it. 










9/3/17:  I am a 5 year old white collie fellow at about 55 pounds.  My owner is going through some really rough times and could no longer care for me.  I have a bit of a skin infection which has caused a lot of hair loss.  Getting a medicated bath this coming week and a check over with the vet.  I’m great with the other dogs and cats are ok with me.  Walk well on the leash, housetrained and crate trained but I don’t need one.  I have very good manners in the house.

Thank you Brian Hardbarger, Kimberlee Rettberg and Susan Veld for helping with my medical needs.



Roxie (Adopted)



9/23/17:  Headed to my new home today with the Correll’s and Duke my new pal.  They knew I was the one of them when they saw my picture.  After getting home Duke and I did a little fishing then we settled on the couch with mom for a nap.  I have fit right in here and thanks everyone that helped me to find Ben and Helen.
















9/7/17:  I just turned 9 years old and about 65 pounds.  My person has a debilitating disease and can no longer take care of me.  I’m a very sweet girl that is no trouble, housetrained and get along great with the other dogs.  Cats and birds are ok with me too.  Not a barker, ride well in the car and good on the leash.  I’m going this week to get my teeth cleaned and will then be ready for my new home.

Thank you Karen Creager  for helping with my medical needs.


Howard (Adopted)



10/1/17:  Headed to my new home today with my new pals Tulip and Lasso.  They were also puppies when they were adopted from CRC so I know I will be in good hands.  I will be Matt and Eddie’s fifth adoption from the collie rescue over the years.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find my new family.









9/21/17:  Due to circumstances beyond control I am with the collie rescue at 5 months old.  I am the sweetest and smartest little man and already know sit.  Doing great with the housetraining and crate trained.  Heck even the old lady collies here like me because I’m not rambunctious and don’t jump on them.  Even the cats like me and I am good with them.  I have a great, outgoing personality.






Chloe (Adopted)










9/17/17:  Came home from the vet where I had my medical needs taken care of and feeling so much better.  The Sanderson Family came to meet me and take me home.  I have my very own children and enjoy watching football with my new collie pal Molly. I’m going to fit right in here and thanks everyone that helped me to find my family.










9/3/17:  I am a 7 year old blue merle collie girl at about 55 pounds.  My owner is going through some really rough times and could no longer care for me.  I have severe ear infections that I am going to the vet for and will also be spay.  Getting a bath also and know it will fill so good for my coat to be pretty again.  I’m great with the other dogs and cats are ok with me.  Walk well on the leash, housetrained and crate trained but I don’t need one.  I have very good manners in the house.



Lila (Adopted)


9/17/17:  Miss Lois came to take me home today and she understands my shy nature.  Lois is very gentle with me and knows it will take time for me to build the confidence I need.  It will be just us girls and Lois says we have plenty of time to get to know each other.  I think we will do fine together and sure am glad she is giving me this chance.
















9/3/17:  The animal shelter picked me up as a stray wearing a harness so I must have had an owner at some time.  However they didn’t come to pick me up so I am with the collie rescue.  I’m a 3 year old collie mix girl at about 40 pounds and a little shy.  I’m starting to come out of my shell to venture around the house and play with the others.  Going to the vet this week for a bath and my spay.  I am housetrained and no problem there.



Declan (Adopted)


9/4/17:  It is definitely a memorable day for me as I am starting my new life with the Clifford’s.  Now how about this, they are Iris just like my name and I’m going to fit right in.  Dad has plans for us to go jogging together.  Mom is a school teacher so she knows how to keep youngsters like me behave.  However I’m pretty sure I am going to be spoiled rotten and I have found the perfect family for me.








8/27/17:  Just arrived today with a story I’m sure you have heard before.  My folks were moving where they couldn’t take this handsome, four year old collie fellow.  I’m a smart guy also knowing commands like sit, stay and come.  I am housetrained and ride great in the car.  Doing great with the others here and have very good manners.  This coming week I will be neutered and get a bath.