Sabri (Available)



7/25/21:  New here at the rescue and the folks are getting to know my personality.  I’m a 1 year old collie girl at about 50 pounds.  You might can see in the picture that I have a little chunk out of my tongue.  I get along fine with the other dogs and don’t mind those cats.  I am crate trained, housetrained and ride pretty good in the car.  We are working on basic commands and leash walking.


Nigel (Available)




7/25/21:  Went to the beauty shop this week and I am looking fine.  I have lost a few pounds but this diet thing isn’t for me and I am always hungry.  I have met the cats and I don’t mind them but if they run I will chase them.  I also like to bark at them because that makes them run.  Did I mention that I like to bark because I have a lot to say.  However that gets me a squirt from the water bottle and trying to control the barking.


















7/11/21:  Nigel here, a six year old collie fellow looking for a new home because my people could no longer take care of me.  I love toys and will play fetch with you.  I enjoy going for walks on the leash and rides in the car.  I am housetrained and don’t need a crate.  I’m very good with children and like the other dogs.  I’m a big fellow about 80 pounds on a diet which I don’t really care for.

Thank you Barbara Minakakis and Lynne Bishop for helping with my care.


Bonnie (Available)




7/25/21:  It sure has been a busy week with me going to the vet for a checkup, bloodwork and a bath.  All was good and the vet says I am 6 years old which I knew.  I like to lay in the doorway so I get a lot of exercise from being told get up and out of the way.  I have lost a few pounds and started going on short walks.  We always meet the cats along the way and we get along just fine.






7/2/21: I’m at the rescue because my folks were older and couldn’t keep up with my grooming.  I have always been an outside dog but now that I have learned about air condition I hope that never happens again.  Heck I have already learned how to use the dog door.  One of my people said I am 6 and the other said I am 10 so I am going to the vet for an evaluation and medical work.  The folks are working on getting my coat back in shape and I am on a diet because I’m overweight.  I get along with the other dogs and my evaluation is in progress.

Thank you Susan Veld for helping with my medical cost.



Titan (Adopted)



7/25/21:  I’m joining the party life and moving to New Orleans with Gordon.  We have a long trip home so we spent the night in a hotel which was pretty cool.  I have been a perfect gentleman on the car ride.  When we get home I will meet Tazz and sure he will like me.  Gordon says next year I can be in the Mardi Gras Barkus Parade and get to wear a costume.  I’m really looking forward to my new life.







7/2/21:  Howdy folks, I am a 3 year old collie fellow in rescue because my person could no longer take care of me.  We are working on learning commands and walking on the leash.  I’m good with the other dogs and don’t mind the cats.  I have been to the vet, had a bath and a good brushing.  You can see my before and after pictures.  I was very good while they got all the mats out.

Thank you Marie Thomas for helping with my medical cost.


Tempo (Adopted)



7/16/21:  Well I sure found me a good home and now living with Anita.  She has been a bit sad after losing her Ranger so I will cheer her up and keep her busy.  We are  going to go on many walks together and I understand the neighbors are looking forward to meeting me.  Thanks everyone that helped me to find her.




















7/11/21:  Hi guys, I’m a 5 month old, tri collie puppy.  As you can see I have a floppy ear and a short, strange looking tail.  While I might not be the prettiest puppy I have an outstanding personality.  I’m a good boy and do not chew on things I shouldn’t and don’t even steal bedroom shoes.  I don’t really like a crate and prefer to sleep on the floor by your side.  I will let you know if any strangers come in the house but I’m afraid of that cat.  I’m pretty good on the leash and we are working on my housetraining.


Daly (Adopted)



7/19/21:  I am now a member of the Knapp Family.  We had a long trip home where I met Dante that was also adopted from the rescue.  We also have cats which I get along with really well.  We are already going on walks together where I met the neighbors.  Unfortunately they do plan to keep me on this diet and I am slowly losing the weight.  I’m going to be very happy here with Hal and Kathy.






GREAT NEWS FOR ME:  I went to the vet this week for some bloodwork and a recheck .  All test came back negative and I DO NOT have heartworms or Ehrlichiosis tick disease.  My staph infection has cleared up and all I need is a spay.  We will wait until I have lost more weight before spaying and I have already come down 11 pounds.  I love to play with toys and really like the cats.

7/2/21: I was picked up by animal control as a stray and taken to the shelter.  Those nice folks gave me a good grooming and a bath.  My coat had to be cut short because of the mats.  I’m a 3 year old collie girl that is very overweight at 105 pounds.  I’m on a weight loss program and that should come off quick.  I do have a light case of heartworms that will be treated, Ehrlichiosis tick disease and a staph infection on my belly.  As you can imagine I am on a lot of medicine.  I have a wonderful, outgoing personality with good house manners and leash walking.  I get along fine with the other dogs and the cats are ok with me.

Thank you Theresa Kleeman for helping with my medical needs.


Shelly (Adopted)



7/11/21:  I have joined Paty and Lance in their home.  There is lots of play time, butt rubs, treats to go around and beds everywhere for us.  Best of all there are no cats that I have to patrol.  I know I am going to be really happy here with them and have settled in just fine. 








6/6/21:  Ten year old white, smooth collie lady.  Housetrained, gets along well with others and great on the leash.

We realize it is hard to take in a senior and love them as if they be with you forever.  These seniors are suddenly without the home they have always known and need a friend to give them a place to live out their senior years.  The seniors are like puppies without all the bad habits and always doing things to make you laugh.  The rescue pays for all approved medical cost and all you have to do is love them.  We do still require a fenced yard, vet check and home visit.  Most of the seniors cannot do many steps.


Justice (Adopted)



7/3/21:  The Johnston’s came to take me home today.  They have been missing their collie since she crossed the bridge and glad they are giving another a chance for a good home.  I’m looking forward to starting my new life with them and I know I will be very well taken care of.  What a happy day this is for me and my new family.








7/2/21:  I’m here at the rescue because my person could no longer take care of me.  I am a 3 year old collie girl with good house manners.  Working on basic obedience commands and leash walking.  I enjoy being with the other dogs and don’t mind the cats.  So far I have been to the vet, had a good brushing and a bath.



Maggie (Adopted)



6/19/21:  This senior lady will be staying here at the rescue and work with Miss Jean.  I am very smart with a winning personality and get along great with the others.  I’m very excited to be starting my new job.









6/6/21:  Twelve year old, mix collie girl at 55 pounds.  Housetrained, great on the years and loves everyone.  Even gets along with the cats.  This girl is full of personality and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body.  Her owner passed from cancer.


Leia (Adopted)



6/20/21:  Dennis and Suzy came to take me home today and they have a lot of experience with collies that can’t see well.  I know I’m going to be in good hands with them.











6/8/21:  Ten year old tri at about 40 pounds.  Leia does have some sight loss and does not hear well.  She is house trained and sleeps most of the time.


Dash (Adopted)



6/13/21:  Cindy is going to give this senior fellow a permanent foster home.  As you can see I have already made myself comfortable.  The others here have accepted me and this is a great place to live out my days.


6/6/21:  Eleven year old, smooth collie fellow.  Housetrained, great on the leash and gets along well with others.

Thank you Barry Knapp and Deborah Brown for helping with Dash’s senior care.


Light Blue Girl (Adopted)



6/6/21:  Seven month old female, blue merle collie puppy.  Doing great with housetraining and crate training.  Learning basic obedience commands and leash walking.


Blue Girl (Adopted)



6/6/21:  Seven month old female, blue merle collie puppy.  Doing great with housetraining and crate training.  Learning basic obedience commands and leash walking.


Little Bear (Adopted)


5/9/21:  Just look at my new family and I fit right in.  Nancy says I’m great and loves how polite and sensitive I am.  Every time I see her I give her a great big smile and it always makes her smile.  Thanks everyone for helping me to find this great home.
























4/26/21:  Pleased to meet you folks and thanks for letting me come to the collier rescue.  My folks are very elderly and having a hard time taking care of me.  I’m about 8 years old and weigh 40 pounds.  A bit overweight but the way I like to run in the yard that will come off quickly.  I have always been an outside dog living in a dog lot so I am very happy to have the large fenced yard.  In spite of being an outside dog I have perfect house manners and no accidents inside.  I am also already crate trained but I do not really need it.  I walk good on the leash and ride well in the car.  I get along with all the other dogs and will be tested with the cats this week.  I love all people and children and when I see them I put on a great big smile.  I am the best little fellow and cute as a bug.